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Light, Sound, Symbols
(Thought Encryption)

Creation is made of Light and Sound. Many who will read this message will already be aware of this fact. It is desired to offer more understanding of the interaction of light and sound from an experiential aspect.

When you are experiencing within a system (planet, physical body form, etc.) that holds distortions which block off flow of Source energy, the system can only translate light and sound waves that are able to be filtered through that systems distortions. There are other light and sound waves available for access but the distortions block the ability for awareness of them.

The creation mechanics that allow manifestation and the illusion of individuated separation to occur automatically shut off awareness of light and sound waves that are not intended to be perceived within the illusion of the system. When you experience energetic body damage, light and sound waves of the system become blocked from your perception which should not be blocked that are a natural part of the system.
This is the reason no two people on Earth will currently perceive light and sound waves in the exact same way. This means that all people on Earth currently perceive light and sound “unique” to them as a result of what the individual filtering process will allow them to become aware of.

The race morphogenetic field allows people of Earth to perceive “similar” and is why all will call something like a color red, as an example. But no two people currently perceive the color red in the exact same way.
The same filtering process also occurs with sound for all of the people on Earth. No two people of Earth currently hear sound in the exact same note, key or vibration.

When you are experiencing through a healed energetic body, within a healed energetic system, all consciousness within that system perceives ALL light and sound waves available to perceive within that system. When such is possible then perceiving something like the color red takes on a whole new meaning. If it was desired to express the exact same expression point of a shade of color (sub-frequency band) then it would be expressed as the specific “encryption point” at which that shade of red expresses. You could think of it as the exact location on the gradient dial which that shade of red occurs and the exact same process occurs in the desire to share with another a specific sound tone.

In healed reality systems, it is not required for life forms to be technical and state the exact location point on the dial because in healed reality systems life forms express via telepathy and direct cognition. This ability allows healed life forms to instantly tune their inner receivers to the exact location point on the dial. These attributes are simply part of the way that Source creates individuated expressions of ItSelf to perceive and interact with light and sound. Life forms within healed reality systems perceive as a “conscious collective” but can still choose to perceive (look at) anything different than what another may be focusing on in the moment. There is still individuation awareness within a conscious collective but all are aware of the whole at all times and therefore know what the whole is thinking at all times.

All life forms in a healed reality field can access all flows of the energy of Source that are available to access within the reality field. The individual activation level will always determine what the individual energetic system can translate / filter through the individual system to become aware of.

Reality fields that express as conscious collectives hold many different levels of conscious collectives within them and the life forms play their role in co-creating the sub-frequency and frequency bands of the systems. Such systems are part of the natural creation structure and play their role in stepping down the energy of Source to allow for systems in which densification of matter occurs, such as the time matrix system you are currently experiencing within.

The desire for this sharing is because there have been “false thoughts” shared with many that state it is necessary for color (light) and sound to be exactly as someone reports it should be to facilitate personal healing. Understanding that no one on planet Earth is currently able to filter through their system the exact same frequency point should express to you that no one will translate through their system exactly what another does.
It does not mean that anyone is right or wrong, it simply means that every individual life from carries their “specific piece” to allow for creation of the full tapestry of the reality field. It also means that it is correct for all to call the color red even though everyone is translating that specific frequency in their unique way.

People who are considered color blind or completely eyesight blind and people who are dealing with physical hearing loss or complete deafness are still translating their specific pieces of light and sound to shine for and allow co-creation of the Earth reality field.

The physical body vehicle is a vehicle which allows for translation of energy and interaction with other life forms of the reality field but translation of energy is not dependent upon a physical body vehicle. Your energetic system translates and interacts with energy eternally even if you do not put part of your consciousness into the particles that compose a physical body form. It does not require eyes, ears or other matter manifest organs to translate energy and be aware of the energy of Source. This truth should be obvious to you if you are aware of something such as the effect sound, light and thoughts have on plant life forms.


You have been told in your desire to heal and return to balance with Source that “intention” is 99% of the process. What does that mean and what is intention?

Intention is Thought! First you have the will/ability to create, next you have the desire to create and then you have the thought to create. As soon as you become aware of a thought you have set the “encryption” into that spark of radiation that instantly sparks forth from your energetic system. When you become aware of the thought many energetic things have already occurred within you and through the process of reaching a point of having the thought, you automatically set the mathematical program into that spark of energy. The mathematical program holds the “intention” for that spark of energy to co-create. This is why intention is 99% of the process of healing and co-creation.

The only reason you currently do not instantly experience that thought as manifest before your physical eyes is because of distortions in the energetic system that currently keep you from instantly becoming higher in energy or hotter than the energy of the thought and because of planetary distortions that are altering the encryption you placed within the thought.

Healing Through Light & Sound:

Everything in creation occurs through the interaction of light and sound. Because each person on Earth currently filters through their energetic system light and sound waves that they are uniquely coded to filter and become aware of, every person will also require “specific” light and sound waves to assist in healing. The good news is that simply because like energy attracts like energy, each person draws to themselves the light and sound waves they require but because of the distortions in the planetary grids and the distorted program that keeps those distortions in place, it is a constant battle of healing in taking steps forward and being pulled backward by the distorted program but the new higher shield the planet now holds will assist in healing much faster.

This is why the information for the Loving Joy Songs was offered. Not because any song is more special than another but because of the specific interaction that occurs in the personal template when you hear sounds that are coded specifically to you.

As healing continues for planet Earth and its life forms, there will continue to be those who shine into the hologram pieces they carry concerning working with light and sound for healing. As with all things, people will continue to resonate with things that pertain to their needs for their chosen path of return. Some may experience wonderful things and report them to others but that does not mean others will experience the same things or that they will be wonderful.

You have received basic technologies to assist your efforts into healing but they are “tools” to assist you to remember things you need to know about yourself and at the same time to remember your personal connection with Source. No one else can tell you what your personal relationship with Source is or what it should feel like. Others can share their experiences and feelings of their relationship but the relationship is personal because each face of Source is unique. This is why it is impossible to give to another the Joyful and Loving feelings that come through ones personal relationship with Source. Each face of Source must remember and rediscover that for their self.

Tools outside of yourself can assist you to remember as you will continue to draw to yourself what you need in the moment but anything outside of yourself should always be considered a tool of assistance as the only real changes can occur from within.

The “Arts” very much exist in healed reality fields. Things like music, painting and drawing are all aspects of weaving light and sound patterns that hold specific thought encryptions.


Everything that you perceive as manifest is a symbol code. A symbol that is expressing through “light” the encryption it holds within. Your physical 3D body is a light symbol.

The energy of your thoughts are a type of higher radiation than the energy of what you perceive as light manifest and because you set the desired encryption via your thoughts, you can and do set a thought encryption into light, into manifest symbols.

As an example; imagine the image of a broom. A broom is a symbol that you currently see the light aspect as solid, manifest. A broom can hold a thought encryption to be a tool for sweeping high and low to move other manifest particles around.

It can also hold a thought encryption to be used as a tool for scrubbing, a prop for a scarecrow, a weapon, a decoration, a scary vehicle for a wicked witch to fly around on and a sacred or cherished artifact used in a wedding ceremony.

One could say a broom is simply a broom but when the “encryption” placed within the broom changes, a broom can become anything desired.

This simple example is to assist you to understand that any symbol can become a sacred healing tool depending on the thought encryption placed within it.

Simply because manifestation and individuated reality systems require “polarization of energy” to exist, a symbol can become anything that is desired based on the thought encryption stored within it. Because of your current limitations and the way that you perceive solid manifest objects, it can be challenging for you to understand the power your energetic thoughts have upon the creation process. Since most people cannot yet see or experience the currently invisible light and sound waves that they create and influence, it can seem as though nothing is occurring but something is always occurring via your thoughts.

You could use something as simple as a shoe or a boot and encrypt that symbol with the highest thoughts of Source you are currently aware of and that object will then carry the energy you placed within it to be used as a “tool” for desired healing facilitation. If you painted the object with colors that you are strongly attracted to and then inserted sound tones on a player to sing from within the object, you have then created a tool or device that is uniquely coded to you.

The same can be said for symbols used in something like black magic, voodoo or witchcraft. It is the thought encryption and strength of energy placed within the symbol that seems to allow it to have magical powers. When you can begin to remember how powerful you really are and some of the basics of how creation occurs, it will become much easier for you to realize how to heal and co-create the changes you desire to experience in your life. When you encounter technologies that present to you symbols that are reported to be sacred for healing, it would be wise for you to understand fully the thought encryption placed within the symbol. You can accomplish the same process of healing and at a much deeper level by co-creating your own, unique symbols that hold your unique thought encryption. That does not mean such things will resonate with anyone but you and that is fine as they are unique unto you.

People of Earth hold many manifest objects as sacred unto an individual. Many people collect objects that might be rare and hard to find and simply because they are hard to find and there are many people who resonate with the energy encryption held within the object, they become sought after items. Their rarity can allow them to carry seemingly great value if there are a lot of people who hold coding for the encryption held within the object and is why people may be willing to expend a large amount of their own energy, which usually translates into money of some sort, to own the object. It is not that the object itself is any more special than any other object in the Earth reality field but that the thought encryption held within it holds special meaning for some and they desire to have that object around them to remind them of the encryption held within it.

These types of feelings come from your Emotional body and just like your Emotional body likes soft cuddly things, it also likes to have things around it that hold memories or thought encryptions that allow it to feel soothing feelings. If there were no people on planet Earth all such manifest objects would no longer hold a value to own. The memory of the thought of them would remain with all who had a relationship with such objects and it is the memory of experience that holds the sought after emotion.

There are many images, many artifacts and many objects that have come and gone through the Earth reality field that are remembered by many or forgotten by all. You may notice such things in your social networking programs when people share images of objects in use in times gone by. It is not the object itself that holds the importance but the memory of the life experience during the time of interacting with the object.

When you see such images, they instantly take your consciousness back in time to the point in your life experience when you interacted with those light and sound fields. The feelings you hold within your cellular memory are brought up to your current moment awareness to remember, relive within yourself.

Remembering is important and objects that hold memories for you can allow you to experience great healing in the moment that you remember them because for YOU they will hold thought encryptions that may hold distortion within them to then remember so you can begin healing such or they may hold happy and joyful thought memories to allow you to open more of Source love unto your current moment.

Manifest objects are made of energy. All of creation is made of energy, Source energy. And manifest objects store energy within their coding just like all of creation does. That is why many people can hold a manifest object and pick up thoughts and memories stored within the object and if it is an object that was worn on the physical body of someone, the stored encryption will be much stronger.

The same uniqueness applies to co-creating with sound for healing and is why the information for the Loving Joy Song was presented. When you hear “higher sound”, you are currently hearing through your unique filtering process and you may try to find a means to reproduce those higher sounds into the Earth reality field. You may find tools that allow you to come “close” but because of the current distortions of the Earth reality field they cannot be reproduced exactly the same as they exist. The same thing pertains to light or colors you may become aware of when you expand your conscious awareness into higher energy levels.

You may be able to reproduce a “similarity” to the higher light and sound expressions but it will not be possible for them to be exact and everyone would translate them differently than you do even though they may be similar.

What is always of the highest importance is the energy encryption and it is through the Emotional / Physical body that the encryption becomes aware to you. Through feeling, sensing, paying attention to how you feel and finding different thought analogies to express those feelings to others.

Two people can sing the exact same song and try to sound exactly like each other but their unique coding will allow the song to carry their unique sound regardless how much they sound alike. There is no wrong way to sing or tone anything. It is exactly as it should be for your unique expression of Source.

As you continue forward on a collective mission of healing with the desire of healing for the Whole, it is wise to retain awareness of the uniqueness of every life form and realize that every life from perceives unique unto their self.

You can certainly share your love and understanding of Source in a desire for healing facilitation but we aware that process is simply to “assist sparking” because all life forms are unique, individuated sparks of Source and all life forms hold a personal relationship with Source that is unique unto them. In your desire to share, it will assist you to remember this and don’t expect others to see, feel, hear or translate their personal relationship with Source exactly as you do.

Many may “think” they hold no talents. They may think they cannot draw, paint, sing or play an instrument and society may tell them they hold no special talents that anyone desires to know about. All energy of Source is very talented and simply because you can “think” you can co-create anything you desire. You are the painter, composer and conductor of your life and it does not matter if others resonate with your desires to co-create so put your talents to good use and co-create the life you desire to experience.



The Quickening

Are you feeling over loaded with so many tasks to complete at this time? Of course anyone could answer yes to that question just about any time. In the past few weeks you may be aware of a feeling that over load feeling seems to be heightened and a feeling of there simply not being enough time available becoming stronger. If you are currently feeling this, know you are not alone. You are experiencing the effects of the "Quickening".

The Quickening has been slightly mentioned in times gone by. Some may have become aware of this feeling briefly between 2000 - 2003 and noticed the feeling subsided and was quickly forgotten. The Quickening is back again but this time the process will continue to occur in cycles.

As the planet continues its healing process which is now possible as a result of the higher energy of Source once again being available, there will continue to be cycles of higher energy consummation, initiation and activation. This process is also occurring within the life forms on the planet even though many people are not yet able to become aware of feeling the Quickening. For many who are aware and feel this heightened process, they many wonder what this is about and why is it happening now.

The process is natural when a system is working correctly and continues to expand to hold open more energy of Source. The feeling of the process could be compared to the feeling the physical body has when doing something like cardio exercise. As you work the physical body to move faster, the heart, lungs and other body organs operate faster. The heart rate increases, the breathing rate quickens, the muscles and neurological system speed up as they expand to allow the flow of more energy. When you have finished such a physical body workout, you most likely are aware of the muscles pumping faster while the body begins the process of slowing down to its base line function rate. This process is also a quickening feeling within the physical body but on a smaller scale. You may experience that after such a physical body workout, your body needs time to rest, relax, wind down as it returns to its base line point. You may even feel the need for a nap.

Quickening of higher energy through the energetic system effects the physical body in a similar fashion except you may not feel the body organs pumping above their base line operation point. When the feeling is a result of energy quickening, many other factors slightly change. Time seems to move faster which creates the feeling of there being less time to accomplish things. Thoughts translate faster through the neurological pathways to the brain for translation and you many find yourself tripping over your words quite often. You may notice a feeling of the chakra points seeming to pump or beat similar to the way the muscles pump faster after a cardio workout. Your work load or To Do List many seem as if it doubles or even triples right before your eyes. This is a result of the faster moving thoughts people experience during a Quickening period which allows more awareness of things desired to accomplish to reach a new goal that they most likely had not yet recognized.

As higher energy of Source is accreted or drawn into (Consummation Point) a life form there is a period of time required to allow a specific dormant packet/s of stored data within the energetic anatomy to reach a critical mass point or be be fully turned on. When the critical mass point occurs, there is then a period of time required for the internal sparking process to unfold, this is the Initiation process. When the Initiation process reaches full quantum sparking of energy, the Activation Point is reached and the coding held in that previously dormant packet/s of data begins the process of shining forth into the hologram to then allow awareness of what is held there to occur.

During this current Quickening process, the Earth is at the Initiation point of the current moment process of turning on more higher energy of Source and will soon begin the Activation of that stored energy data packet. When the Activation point occurs, you will most likely notice a feeling of returning to inner balance as the "new" base line is settled into. Cycles of Quickening will now continue as the planet continues to heal itself. The life forms on the planet will continue the same process at their own rate of speed and the physical body will continue to feel the effects of the Quickening to the level it is able. Each Quickening cycle slightly increases the quantum of Source energy that activates within the energetic anatomy and within the DNA and is most commonly called DNA activation. This same process has been discussed within information presented in previous years but it was not presented to allow more understanding that the effects of reaching a point of full DNA strand activation occurs in cycles of Quickening as sub-harmonics are activated within the energetic anatomy.

For further understanding, you could think of the planet and your physical body as a space ship that is soaring through outer space at a rapid rate of speed and you could apply the Quickening process to that analogy as the process of opening more fuel lines, pumping more fuel through the line and opening the throttle to a higher position to all you to soar through space even faster. You are not literally moving from point A to point B faster as you are not literally moving anywhere but you can experience the illusion of movement through space and time faster as a result of more of Source energy flowing through you. Such an illusion could allow it to look like the stars outside of your space ship fly by your window much faster.

When the activation point is reached, the new speed or throttle level remains and your physical body quickly adjusts to the new speed which allows inner balance to return and a feeling like time has slowed back down. You may become aware of that thoughts, ideas, questions and more understanding becomes available within you as the previously dormant data packet begins the process of translating through your physical body. This is the very same process that gradually allows more people to begin to wake up, ask questions, wonder and think outside of the program they have previously only been able to experience. The dynamics of the Quickening allow more people to be "sparked" and the opportunity to choose to begin the process of healing.

Planet Earth will continue the process of healing herself regardless if the people on the planet accept such truth and all life forms on the planet will continue to experience the effects of Earth healing herself regardless if they are able to wake up during their life time or regardless if they desire to heal.

Death of the physical body of course is not a new experience to the life forms of Earth and as the planet continues to heal and hold open more of the higher energy of Source, there will continue to be waves or Quickening cycles when it seems as though a large number of people choose to remove their consciousness from the physical body form as a result of the higher energy becoming stronger than their physical body can support their rapidly expanding consciousness. The process of the need to remove the consciousness from the physical body form will not change until the Emotional Body can reach a critical mass point of healing to allow enough higher Source energy to flow through the Physical / Emotional Body and allow transmutation of the particles that the physical body is composed of.

The condition of the energetic structure determines if a life form can continue to expand and hold open more of the higher energy of Source and the process of expanding to do so can continue even if a life form removes their consciousness from the physical body form if the energetic structure will allow. Choices have everything to do with the condition of the personal energetic structure and choosing to heal and return to balance with Source automatically begins the process to the degree possible for the life form.

Beginning To Heal The Fibonacci Spiral:

Note from Ascension Whispers: The following message was presented several weeks before this posting. It has been the desire of Ascension Whispers to go back through previous years information and include bits and pieces to assist those who read this web site and may not have integrated that information a better understanding of concepts spoken of in the following message. Time has not allowed that to occur and time may not allow that to occur anytime soon. Therefore, the following message is being shared as given and links are included to information where the reader can find more information to bring more understanding if desires. Even though it is the intention to present the messages shared here as simple as possible so that anyone can benefit from them, some of the technical information that will allow greater understanding to unfold is simply to large in size to try to include it here. When necessary, links to places where more understanding can unfold will continue to be provided.

The Fib Spiral still holds in place the effects it has created on the Earth planetary field even though the planet and its life forms have been able to be assisted to rise higher in energy to allow for following the path of the Krystal Spiral. Much healing must still occur to heal enough of what the Fib Spiral has done to release Earth and its life forms out of phase lock.

Understanding all of the components of what the Fib Spiral has done is quite technical but you can begin to understand small aspects in the way that you understand other concepts. The distortion code itself is held within the 2nd dimensional frequency band but extends down into frequency band 1 and up into frequency band 3.

Because frequency band 2 of Earth's planetary fields was harnessed for so long and literally had the energy sucked out of it, it created a disharmonic of energy within the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2. The reason this expands upward and downward into frequency bands 1 & 3 is because of the "misfire" that is occurring in frequency band 2.

You most likely know quite well what it sounds like when an incorrect key is chosen when playing a song. The full harmonics of the song are out of balance and it creates an irritation not only to your ears but through your physical body. Harmonic tones can be created by doing something like making a string taut and based on the length of the string, the tightness of the string and the point of the string that is plucked, you hear a different sound tone. When you pluck several strings together that are all set to their specific coding, you can hear a harmonic of sound tones and your ears can hear very quickly what harmonics do not resonate for you and which ones you are attracted to.

You were told several years ago that the way to "reset" the harmonics in the lower frequency bands was to bring the harmonics from the higher frequency bands into the lower ones "manually" and you did this process for years with the toning of the Veca Codes.

It was hoped when the Veca Codes were first presented that the D12 energy would begin poking holes in the Net Field and would eventually cause the Net Field to collapse. But the continued amped reversed energy halted that process and is why you may have become aware when it felt like the higher accretion of energy slowed down to a crawl as compared to how quickly it felt like it was climbing. The process for resetting the lower harmonics has not changed. What changed was the ability to pull enough of the higher sub-harmonics into the lower density levels to continue climbing in energy. That has now changed!

Because the planet and its life forms have been assisted to access higher energy of Source and because the fallen life forms can no longer pump a critical mass of reversed energy into the planetary system, holes are occurring within the Net Field. However, the Net Field cannot, and will not simply fall away completely all at once, for the Earth and its life forms would be in danger from the radiation from the sun as the Net Field turned off the planet’s organic corona sphere. As the planet continues to heal this will turn back on and the Net Field will dissolve completely.

Because the planet has been without the necessary quantum of Source energy for so long due to the harness of the Net Field and the stealing of Source energy via the 2nd dimensional frequency band of the planetary system, an entire dis-harmonic within the sub-frequency bands of the 2nd dimensional frequency band was created.

Think for a moment about what has been presented about DNA strands and remember the Fire Letters held within them. Just like each frequency band holds 12 sub-frequency bands of energy so too does each DNA strand, each Fire Letter, each Chakra, etc. The Fire Letters are "Flames" and the lack of Source energy has weakened the quantum of energy held within the Flames. This could be compared to loosening the tightness of your taut string and getting a "flat" sound other than the sound you expect to hear. A piano out of tune to the max! Because the Flames have lost quantum of energy they have lost their ability to spark high enough or create a high enough tone to allow the chain of sparking across the length of the fire letters. Because the notes are flat, when the small charge makes its way through the fire letter sequence, it does not hold enough quantum of energy to allow what is supposed to occur when the full harmonic is played. It fizzles out when it reaches the 10th harmonic and goes flat. This is a simplified way of thinking of a base 10 system versus a base 12 system.

You have already heard information that explains the Base Tone, Resonate Tone and Over Tone. When the harmonics of the Flames are in tune and as the quantum of energy within the flames increases, there is supposed to occur another tone called the "Transmutation Tone". The Transmutation Tone has not been able to occur within the Earth system since the fall from Tara occurred.

When the 3 Harmonics of tones reach a critical mass level, they "spark" the Transmutation Tone into activation. Things that you currently dream of such as spontaneous thought manifestation, physical bi-location and ascension are dependent on the Transmutation Tone.

Because the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 are so out of tune it creates a buildup of static or chaotic energy within frequency band 2 and this translates into your Emotional / Physical body and that of the planet’s Emotional / Physical Body anatomy. This buildup of chaotic energy is what crushes the template as you continue to accrete energy unto yourself and is why you must eventually remove your consciousness from the physical body form, causing the experience of death of the physical body.

You could think of a crystal container filled with energy and energy continues to be put into it but it cannot expand. The energy should allow the container to become heated to such a degree from within that the particles the container are composed of will begin to transmute and become as hot as the energy within it, and then merge to become one with the energy that is held within it as that energy then transmutes the container into pure light or pure energy. Such would be dependent on the energy held within being able to reach a high enough heating point to allow the container to transmute. But the energy within has not been able to generate enough heat to allow for such, as it is unorganized energy that simply continues to expand without the ability to increase in temperature because it cannot generate higher energy sparks. This is a very simple analogy but one you should be able to understand.

The misfire of the sub-harmonics of frequency band 2 is what keeps enough inner heat from being able to be generated and of course will not allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. Since the fall from Tara, there has not been enough energy available to planet Earth and its life forms to heal to be able to re-sequence the harmonics of the sub-frequency bands in frequency band 2. That has finally changed! If the tactics of what the fallen races had done with their reversed energy from 2000 to 2012 had not been to such a high level, the process of re-sequencing or re-tuning the sub-frequency bands could have been well underway. Before those events occurred, Earth and its life forms had accreted higher in energy than had occurred since the fall from Tara.

You are now back on track of energy accretion because of the Gift of higher energy the planet and its life forms have received but the planet had to integrate enough of that higher energy to get to the point where you are now back on track.

High Veca Codes

For those who resonate, it is strongly suggested to work with the High Veca Codes. Toning and working with the High Veca Codes allows you to bring into your energy template and activate within it the higher dimensional energy of the time matrix in the correct sequence so as not to crush the lower energetic system. And the way to retune the dis-harmonic energies of the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 is to reset them to their correct tones from the undistorted energy that exists in the 12th dimensional frequency band. The 12th dimensional energy will begin the process of retuning the tones of frequency band 2. The High Veca Codes were returned to planet Earth for this exact reason but at that time it could not yet be understood about the Fib Spiral in relationship to all of this.

 By going through the process of placing the codes on the corresponding physical body points and activating those frequencies via their sound tones, the Physical / Emotional Body picks up the "wave sequence" of instructions carried along those light waves (images) and sound waves (tones). It is like having a piano tuner come and retune your piano.

When the tones within the fire letters are flat and create chaotic energy, the chaotic energy implodes on itself and literally consumes itself. At the point when the chaotic energy has reached a critical mass level, it generates an "explosion" and this allows the energy to expand but in order to continue to expand it must latch onto more energy and continue the process as it cannot self-generate internal energy because internal sparking cannot occur. This is what the Fib Spiral allows to occur and will continue to occur until the sub-harmonics in frequency band 2 can be re-tuned. This is why physical death of the body will continue until this issue has been able to be healed to a high enough level to allow the proper sparking sequence to return to the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2.

When a person has worked with the High Veca Codes frequencies for at least a 30 day period, they can safely move into the next level of frequencies known as Heliotalic Energies and bring in even higher sub-harmonics, but first they must activate the frequencies of the High Veca Codes. If one has previously worked with the High Veca Codes, it is still suggested to start the process over again and ease your energetic body into the higher energies even though it may be possible for you to do such in less than 30 days.

It is hoped you are able to understand this and why we stress even more so the importance of Emotional / Physical Body healing. As has been previously stated, the issues the entire planet is dealing with are held within this level of the anatomy.

When the harmonic tones of frequency band 2 are able to be re-tuned, they will then hold enough energy quantum to allow the correct sparking and firing sequence to occur. This will allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. As this process unfolds within you and when your energetic body is charging up in energy, just before the Transmutation Tone sparks, the personal Merkaba Vehicle activates. The heightened charge of energy naturally turns on your Merkaba Vehicle and the Merkaba Vehicle begins to spin, faster and faster while your consciousness is held in a suspended state within the center of it.

The increased spin speed of the Merkaba Vehicle, generated by the rapid sparking of the fire letters, sparks the Transmutation Tone into activation. The internal heat that is generated heats up the waters that compose the physical body form and the heating up turns on the transient element of Celestine. If this occurs while still embodied in a physical form, it is at that point the particles that compose the physical form are transformed into pure light.

The increased spinning of the Merkaba Vehicle releases the energetic locks that keep you phase locked or stuck at the angle you are that allows you to perceive the current reality field. When the locks are released, by simply "thinking" where you want to experience, the Merkaba Vehicle will "shift" or "rotate" to the alignment at which that reality field occurs. It will then slow the spin speed and stop spinning. Your consciousness and physical body, if you did this while embodied in a physical form, then transform to the properties of the particles that the reality field are composed of and you re-manifest as you would appear within that reality field. At which point you simply "appear" within the reality field. If you did this process as pure consciousness and not while embodied within a physical form, you could then go through the process of incarnating into a physical form within that reality system to experience life within that system.

For some who have already been through years of working with those techniques and wondered why they even bothered because nothing happened anyway, it is now intended that you have more understanding of why nothing really happened anyway and can once again see the importance of healing the Emotional / Physical Body and re-tuning the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band at the same time.

 As you re-tune the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band, the internal heating up process that is created transforms more of the stored, distorted thought patterns that are held within the Physical / Emotional Body and this process will continue to allow you to heal to be able to accomplish things like opening your personal vertical communication line, making higher choices, holding higher thoughts that allow you to think of a way to rewrite the new planetary script and co-create balance and healing within the Earth reality field.

Planet Earth has now begun this process herself and will continue to do so as the energy continues to accrete to higher levels. The planetary life forms who hold an energetic body that will allow them to, will continue the process with the planet. If one chooses to be a conscious part of the process it can occur much easier, because you can consciously assist to heal the distorted thought patterns held within the Emotional Body before they manifest, as the increased amount of higher energy will continue to awaken them within you to shine forth to experience and be healed unless they are transmuted before that occurs. By choosing to be a conscious part of your process of healing, you can draw to yourself much more quickly the higher energy currents to activate them within your energetic anatomy, instead of waiting for a high enough point to occur within the planetary body to allow that to occur within you.

If you choose to continue working with higher energetic technologies that have been presented after the High Veca Codes, you will continue to rapidly turn on higher sub-harmonics of energy to the degree your energetic body will allow for. There has already been returned to planet Earth much information that explains intricate details of these processes so there is no need to repeat all of that information.

As the planet itself continues to heal to a high enough level, this will allow even higher technology and understanding to become available to the masses but such is dependent on the energy those things ride within being able to turn on within the planetary body.

It has been mentioned in early information returned that something like the pyramids were literally "sung" into manifestation. When you can begin to understand that all energy, from the smallest to the larger quantum of energy, holds fire letters within and all energy holds sub-harmonics of light and sound tones that are designed by Source to work together as a "team" to create full harmonics of light and sound then it can become easier to begin to remember how your conscious, focused through patterns can co-create with the energy of elementals to send direction to the elementals via sound tones to manifest what those sound tones are giving instructions to manifest. This process has been harnessed within your Emotional / Physical Body anatomy and that of planet Earths via the mis-firing that is occurring within the fire letter sequence. It can result of your pillar of energy turning into a flat pancake of energy and fizzling out on the ground. The Transmutation Tone must be able to occur after the pillar of energy is sparked into creation to allow the particles of the energy of the pillar to transmute into the sequence of the encrypted thought patterns imbued within them.

In order for the fallen races to control planet Earths energy and that of the life forms on planet Earth, they had to harness this process by shutting it off via redirection of Source energy when putting the NET field in place. Otherwise, the energy of Source coming into the planetary system, via the solar gate system, would have simply over rode their ability to control. This is why this process will slowly turn back on naturally as planet Earth continues to heal herself as that process will continue to poke holes in the NET field and it will eventually dissolve.

Count Many Blessings, Dear Ones. The path of ascension has once again been returned to you if you choose to follow it.

Hint: If you have chosen to explore your Krystal Ring of Power, as has been presented in previous information within this web site, you may have already discovered that when you step into the ring and look around you and above your head, you will see a Krystal Capsule, which you are actually held within. When turned on, this Krystal Capsule becomes a Merkaba Vehicle that will allow your consciousness to travel anywhere within the time matrix which your activation level in that moment will allow for. Have fun exploring!



The experiences of individuated faces of Source is all about choices. Each choice that you have ever made and will ever make determines what you will experience. Within that knowing, there are some who are most likely wondering about choices they are aware of that they have made and the effect those choices are going to have on their continued evolution. This message is with the intention of assisting you into a more balanced state of thinking concerning such.

The simple fact that you are here and now having this life experience within this time cycle implies you have a whole lot more of yourself that is experiencing somewhere within the time matrix in other time cycles and each of those faces of your full original spark of energy has free will choice. Does that mean that you here and now are to be held accountable for the choices the other faces of yourself make?

If there has been damage to the energetic structure of one of your other experiential faces then such damage will need to be healed in order to merge your original spark and leave the time matrix to return to At-One-Ment with Source but you are not held personally accountable for the choices of your other selves as in something like a judgment day as Source does not ever judge any of ItSelf.

You are connected to all of the other expressions of yourself in the time matrix via the DNA within you. That is the "link" through space and time that allows you to access all of the other expressions of yourself. It would not matter if the point of entry into the time matrix, as your full spark of Source, occurred immediately prior to you incarnating on this planet, in this time cycle, you would still have encountered the entire coding held within the entire time matrix upon your point of entrance.

As a spark of Source, you must spread your energy out through each frequency band of the time matrix to "step your quantum spark down" in energy so that you can enter a part of your consciousness into the lower energetic structures that exist within the time matrix. That is why you being here implies you have expressions at other space time locations within the time matrix. And as soon as you do that you take unto your full energetic structure all of the coding for the time matrix. The entire 15 dimensional coding is held in each cell that composes your physical body, within each tiny particle that composes your energetic anatomy.

The expression of you, here and now, is your "moment of power". Each moment that you encounter as you expand your energetic body, is your moment of power. You are connected with each of your other time matrix expressions through your DNA. This means that in your current moment of power the choices you make effect each expression of yourself in the time matrix. So, if your moment holds the thought patterns to heal back into balance with Source, you are sending that desire for healing to each face of yourself in the time matrix.

The time cycle you are experiencing here and now is the "last accretion cycle" for planet Earth within the smaller accretion cycles that occur. That is why this cycle is an "ascension time cycle". This cycle is suppose to be the last cycle required for planet Earth and her life forms to finish accreting all of the energy of frequency bands 1-3 and then ascending or merging into the next set of frequency bands or even higher.

In the last accretion cycle, if there are any faces of yourself behind you in time, when it was time for you here and now to experience the process of ascension, they would naturally remove the consciousness from the physical body and merge with your consciousness here and all of that energy would merge with your Soul level of expression. This same process occurs as you remerge all of your energy in the time matrix back to the original spark that you entered the time matrix as.

Your higher levels of consciousness are not dealing with the same "lights out" effect that you are here. They have not forgotten the truth and how to work with Source energy for healing. In fact, for many people on planet Earth, the higher levels of consciousness are waiting for you to heal yourself here enough to allow the merger to occur because they cannot expand any higher or leave the time matrix without you. It requires full merger of the original spark to accomplish such. Perhaps you can understand from that truth that your higher levels of consciousness desire to assist you as much as possible to heal, without interfering with your freewill choice. They are not separate from you, they are you. And they have been waiting on you for a very long time and will continue to wait for as long as it takes.

You have freewill to choose anything you desire to experience and part of the process of healing and expanding back into your original spark of Source energy is becoming aware of choices that were not working toward your goal of accomplishing such. It is a natural part of evolution that you should become aware of choices that you would have made differently if you had been more aware in that moment. You should not have to choose anything blindly or guess what the best choice should be. You should be able to see the cause and effect of any given choice laid out before you, like a menu, to make your current moment choices from and allow you to choose the highest possible choice in that moment. Because of the current energy body issues the entire planet is dealing with, it has not been possible for anyone on planet Earth to do such for hundreds of thousands of years.

Because of the issues held within the Emotional / Physical body structure and the result of those distortions turning off the ability for your Emotional Body to communicate with your Mental Body, the Emotional Body is very easily controlled and has been subjected to pushing you to make choices you might not have if you could only see the "larger view" from a higher level of yourself. You should be able to do that. You should have open communication with all levels of your multi-dimensional family of consciousness and be able to discuss anything and everything and ask what the best choice is and the path that choice will lead you to follow. Such should not occur blindly and simply walk into anything hoping for the best possible outcome.

Think for a moment of what it "feels" like to have your Emotional body controlled. Perhaps you do not feel it can be controlled. When you encounter the terrible, unjust things that occur on this planet, how do you "feel"? When you experience someone you love and care about walking away from you and no longer wanting anything to do with you, how do you feel? When you see or hear about others being harmed, how do you feel? When you think thoughts that make you question yourself and if you are doing enough for yourself to follow the highest path of evolution, how do you feel? When you see a drama unfold before you, do you choose sides of that drama and offer your energy to one side and if so, how do you feel?

Your Emotional Body is what allows you to "feel" any type of feeling you encounter. After thinking of some of these feelings and how you feel in such experiences, can you begin to see how easy it is to control you through your Emotional Body? Do you know that life forms that have reached the point of no longer being able to heal cannot feel anything? They can no longer feel their emotions because their Emotional Body is no longer able to function to allow them to feel such. They cannot cry or feel remorse for their actions because they do not feel any remorse as such feelings come from the Emotional body. They cannot worry that any choice they make will present any kind of undesirable consequence. What can you discern from knowing that? You can discern that simply because you are still able to have the feelings you do, you still carry a spark of Source within you and that Spark of Source desires you to heal.

Because your current moment is your moment of power and because you carry a Spark of Source within you, you can choose to "change your mind" about anything at any time. If you know of choices you have made and have given your energy away to things outside of yourself that in hindsight you would not have done, then you can change your mind, call your energy back to yourself, cut the ties to that something outside of yourself and to make it even stronger, say something like this to Source; "I did not know what this was about, I did not know what I was doing, I now understand more of the truth and I do not choose to do that with my energy. I now call all of my energy back to me from that thing/person/experience and choose to heal any damage that may have been encountered".

It really is as simple as that but if you do not trust in your own power, if you do not trust in Source or feel you have a relationship with Source, then it will most likely be hard for you to believe that it is as simple as that. You have an entire multi-dimensional family and Source to call upon for anything and everything you need assistance with but in the current moment, it may require trust on your part to know that assistance is being given. Remember the tiny ant and how he never stops to second guess what he intends to accomplish but will send out a call for help if needed? If the ant can remember to do such, so can you!

Expanding back into Spiritual Maturity requires bringing horizontal communication into balance with vertical communication. Have you noticed the challenge people on the planet have with horizontal communication? There is so much challenge with this aspect that there even exists therapists to assist people to remember how to communicate with each other. If you choose to spend time daily working on your vertical communication line it will assist your horizontal communication line back into balance.

Some life forms have more to heal than other life forms but all life forms on this planet have enough to heal that there is no need to point fingers and wonder who might need more healing than others. Doing so will not allow anyone to heal as it will require the whole for healing to occur.

Perhaps you have become aware of choices you wish you could change or undo, then do so and begin the process of healing. You can allow yourself to become engulfed within fear, you can sit and cry about the love that you lost or the material items you no longer have. You can allow yourself to feel like you have lost every friend you ever had and now are all alone. Those too are all choices and if you desire to experience such choices, you have the right to do that. But you do not have to do so. They are all feelings from your Emotional Body that desire you to think less of yourself in any way possible. Source did not create you to have such feelings.

You could choose to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, change your mind and look at the patterns within yourself that require healing that have brought such experiences into your hologram, that too is a choice. If you feel you need to make apologies to someone, then you can choose to say you are sorry but even if they are not ready or able to forgive you, you could still choose to forgive yourself. Source already did. In fact, Source does not need to ever forgive any part of ItSelf for anything as Source simply knows that anything out of balance requires healing and goes about the process of trying to heal such.


Holographic Inserts:

It is the desire to offer you some more to contemplate concerning the subject of Holographic Inserts. Information concerning such a thing was released to the public in 1999 via a book called Voyagers - The Sleeping Abductees which can be purchased from sources such as Azurite Press or Amazon. Within that previous information, this is stated;

Holographic inserts work in a number of ways. First of all, in order to create them a working comprehension of the relationships between biology, energy and perception is required. Humans in your system presently do not have such a working knowledge.

When the mechanics of energy are understood (as they are by groups such as the Zeta), it is quite easy to impulse base DNA codes of humans to carry an altered or contrived "program" or electrical imprint. As the base DNA code is electrically altered the entire physiology of the individual on the chemical and hormonal level is altered. The neurological structure then processes this altered code and through the intrinsic mechanisms of bodily matter, brain and senses a literal hologram is manufactured. This process may be difficult for you to understand as your sciences do not as yet realize the rudimentary mechanics of how the illusion of three-dimensionality itself is created through the human organism. The human body has not yet been identified as the living "holographic projection mechanism" that it is in actuality. Though these understandings would be helpful to you, they are not necessary for you to begin working with Keylonta codes. Even if you do not fully understand the "how" of these mechanics you can benefit by learning technology that will better allow you to direct the result of these energy manipulations.

As the neurological structure processes the altered codes, the individual will perceive outside of himself, as three-dimensional matter the images and events or "reality pictures" that were programmed into his DNA. Some of these codes can be contrived to become "permanent" additions to the original DNA base code. This process can be used to assist humanity in reaching great levels of spiritual enlightenment, physical health and beauty and mental emotional expansion. But, it can also be used to create horrific traumas upon the human biological organism and the consciousness that depends upon this organism for its three-dimensional life.

There is more information about Holographic Inserts within that book if you desire to locate it for yourself and read that information. Since the time that information was returned to your planet to consider, much time and energy has been spent to present to you further information to assist you into some understanding of how such a thing is possible. Understanding such a concept requires further understanding of your personal energetic body structure and how a holographic reality field is created "through you" via what is projecting from the coding held within your energetic structure. Included in that further information to offer more understanding, is knowledge of personal energetic anatomy structure in detailed format. Part of the information presents knowledge of a part of your energetic structure called the "Radial Body" and how the coding that is held within you shines forth to "reflect" upon the Radial Body. You have your own personal radial body which allows you to perceive your personal hologram and the planet has its own radial body which allows the masses to perceive the same planetary holographic reality field.

Many concepts and much knowledge have already been returned to your planet to allow you greater understanding of how your energetic structure works and several things about your physical 3D body and the role it plays in co-creating your reality field or your play ground of reality for you to play out your experiences within. Much effort has been given to assist you to understand that what you perceive as solid / manifest is an illusion that occurs via creation mechanics that occur "through you" and that in truth, nothing within creation is actually solid or manifest but the illusion of such is a result of "refraction of light" and how light and sound fields interact with each other to allow for the illusion of manifestation.

When the life forms on a planet have all had the truth of creation and their relationship within creation hidden within them and cannot access that information, it allows the life forms to become easy targets for "disinformation and untruth". For them to be led to believe things that simply are not true and when they believe untruth, that is what they co-create through their selves to experience as their holographic reality field.

Think for a moment about all of the beliefs you carry with you that you choose to call truth. Where did all of those beliefs originate? Many of them have been passed down from generation to generation for so long that currently no one on planet Earth remembers where thoughts and ideas that have become part of the many belief systems held within the planetary reality field originated from. All thoughts have a point of origin and if you desire to return to the Art of Thought Awareness it will assist you in your desire to heal if you choose to think about your currently held beliefs and from where or from "whom" they may have originated. If they do not assist you to feel loving, caring, nurturing, joyful and "free" about yourself and others, they did not originate from Source and your original creation design. If they did not originate from Source and your original creation design, then where else could they have originated from?

It has also already been shared with the masses of planet Earth that during the end time cycle of the Atlantian time cycle, a group of fallen life forms "inserted" into planet Earths 2nd dimensional frequency band a distorted coded program that was set with a timer to turn on or shine forth within the Earth hologram during this current time cycle. Part of that coding holds the entire script for the End Time Drama scenario and was intended to create that script drama within your current time cycle. Of course you have now expanded to know that is not going to occur within "this" expression of the Earth time cycle. Yes, that implies that there are other expressions of Earth existing in other time cycles and in one of those time cycles that end time drama is playing out. It is not playing out within the time cycle you are experiencing as your reality because the planet and the life forms on the planet were able to be assisted to rise higher in energy than the time line in which that drama is playing out and yes, that implies that you and your reality field were able to be assisted to rise high enough in energy to "shift into a slightly higher point in time" which constitutes a slightly higher energy accretion level. Understanding the reality of such being possible requires more understanding of even larger mechanics of creation that involves things like "probability time lines" and some information surrounding such has also already been returned to the planet.

How is it possible for an entire planet of life forms to be duped into non-truth and made to believe such as truth? How are people led to believe non truth? Perhaps you would consider yourself to be quite intelligent of truth and discernment of thoughts that cross your path. You should consider yourself to be as such because you are. The fact that an entire population can be duped into believing non-truth does not mean you are not intelligent it simply means that things beyond your control have been put into action that you currently may not be able to be aware of. In your desire to rediscover truth, you most likely reject many thought concepts as they do not feel comfortable to you and you should do just that. You may think that if something like a holographic insert did occur within your reality field you would know it, you would be able to spot it dead on and not allow yourself to be subjected to such a thing. Are you sure about that?

Source allows all choices and therefore, Source allows all chosen belief systems. It is not the desire to change what you choose to believe as your truth. It is simply desired to offer you some things to consider that you may previously not have been aware that there is such to consider. Many times truth has been returned to the masses of planet Earth to try to assist them to heal back into balance with Source and each time such has occurred the "forces" that "control" the reality field have managed to use "holographic inserts" to steer the masses right back into control. How could such a thing be possible when truth is once again available for the masses to consider? How can people be led into non-truth when they once again rediscover truth?

The "Emotional Body" IS the point of control that has allowed the masses of planet Earth to continue to be snared and led right back into the control they so desire to free themselves from. The current blockages of Source energy that is part of the distortion of the Emotional Body is the reason people can be led into non-truth and if you remember after so many times of stating such, you are co-creating your reality field and the experiences you will encounter via what is shining forth from your Emotional Body onto the Radial Body to experience.

How can something like a holographic insert be placed into your reality field to make you think it is truth to experience, follow and co-create more of the same without your knowledge of such occurring? It is done "through you". It is put in place via the coding that is held within your Emotional Body as "distorted thought programs" that are keyed to specific energy pulses and when that distorted coding receives a pulse of energy to turn on, you will experience the thought program that is stored there as part of your life experience. The distorted thought programs that are currently a part of every life form on the planet are so because they were inserted into the planetary energetic body during the end of the Atlantian time cycle by fallen races who desired to create their master minded scheme of complete control of planet Earth and its life forms during this time cycle. There ARE holographic inserts running just fine within your reality field and they are doing so through you and through the planets energetic anatomy and they are ALL designed to control you to co-create a totally different reality field than you desire to experience. This is why the enemy that has been sought after for hundreds of thousands of years and still manages to create havoc, destruction, killing, wars, battles, conflicts, fighting, starvation and lack is held "within you", within your Emotional Body. This is why you cannot make positive changes in your life experience by fighting things outside of yourself. When you do such, you are simply feeding energy to the distorted program that currently resides within you and co-creating more of the same type of reality field to experience.

Time and time again truth has been returned to your planet to assist the life forms and each time the distorted program held at the Emotional Body level will use the Emotional Body to lead people into thinking something totally different as a "spin off" from the truth that is being returned. The sad part of this very ancient drama is the people who play their roles to do such a thing have no awareness they are being used to do such a thing. They absolutely believe the distortion that they tell the masses is truth and the masses Emotional Body continues to be easily snared and dragged into non-truth and therefore, continued control.

There are many people on your planet who are playing a role in doing such a thing, unaware to them that they are being used to keep the control program in place. It is not the purpose of this sharing to point out who those people are and in fact, it would be quite a long list because there are people in place around the entire planet who are being used to play out their role in keeping the control program in place. What is desired is to remind you of some simple truths of creation and let you choose and decide for yourself if you are following belief systems that are actually truth or not. Whatever you choose, it is your right to do so because you have free will choice.

  1. Krystic life forms will NEVER tell you to do any thing.

  2. Krystic life forms will NEVER try to steer your focus of attention away from Source.

  3. Krysitc life forms will NEVER tell you if you do not do something that something terrible is going to happen to you. Fallen life forms use this tactic to control your Emotional Body.

  4. Krystic life forms will NEVER tell you that anything is going to happen to you.

  5. Krystic life forms will NEVER exclude any part of the whole from Source healing.

  6. Krystic life forms will NEVER try to get you to focus on distorted drama thought patterns in the disguise of the "need to know" in order to heal them. To do so would be forcing you to focus on distortion and you would simply be co-creating more of the same through your own energetic structure.

  7. If there was a "need" to do something to allow protection for yourself, Krystic life forms would simply offer knowledge of anatomy, how to access more of Source energy and why such is possible and then allow you to choose to do so or not. Simply by turning on more of Source energy within yourself you can go about the process of protection for whatever might be required in the moment. When such information is presented within the context of a distorted drama then the thoughts that are held open within the life form are about the enemy and their intentions of control and consumption. By "feeding" such thought patterns to you, you are then slyly forced to focus on fearful thought patterns. Are you doing enough to remain safe, are you successful in your desires for remaining safe, what if you might not be successful - you were told this could happen to you. All such thinking is designed to control you through fear, not to inform you into truth and simply stand as one with Source and turn on more of Source energy.

  8. Krystic life forms will NEVER argue with anyone. Source does not require proof. Creation does not require proof. Source allows all of ItSelf that desires to remember truth to do so exactly as they desire. There are many beings used unaware to continue to argue and fight for their belief system of Source. Source does not require being fought over. Source simply is and will always be. When someone desires to argue for their concept of Source, it would be wise to question where the energy is coming from that allows them the desire to argue.

  9. Krystic life forms will NEVER say that a person or expression of Source is evil as Krystic life forms know that there is no such thing as evil only illness that requires healing. You may receive guidance that it would be of your best interest to steer away from something that might cause you harm but you would never be fed information that tries to force you to do something by creating fear within you. It is wise to know the agenda and intentions of others as it can assist you with making choices that can lead you on the highest path available. Krystic life forms would simply point out a held agenda and allow you to choose for yourself what you desire to believe. They will point out where illness lies and the need for healing but will not force you into thinking that held illness means such a life form is any less loved by Source or that Source desires any less to heal that face of ItSelf. Such a program has been running for millions of years within this system and it is such a program that continues to manifest separation within the whole when it fact, it requires the whole to heal that distortion. The program begins early on within the structure put in place to "re-socialize" you into the program such as thoughts that children hear passed onto them; "that person has cooties, stay away from them" and the program continues to expand as you grow to be adults. The program is displayed in every facet of your everyday life. Things like your "entertainment programs" are filled with it. Good versus Evil and the entire drama is built around the distorted thought program.

  10. Krystic life forms will NEVER interfere with free will choice in any way. To do so would mean taking on the illness of the life form being interfered with.

  11. Any thoughts patterns that you encounter that allow your Emotional Body to feel anger, fear, guilt, revenge, alone, terror, unloved, unaccepted, less than in any way or any negative emotions you hold are NOT of Source intention and they are NOT a part of your original creation. They are ALL a part of the distorted program that is running through you and designed to control you in some fashion.

  12. When you encounter dramas, thought patterns that grab onto your Emotional Body they can very quickly force you to react and engage your energy into a drama. This is not organic to your original creation. Nothing should be able to control you as such. It has been possible for the population to be controlled as such for hundreds of thousands of years because of the distortion that blocks the energy of Source from the Emotional Body level. This is how people are "pushed" to make choices and act out distorted thought patterns. This is how ALL conflicts and battles for energy are forced into manifestation through you. You can very quickly be forced to take sides within any drama and as soon as you do so, you become part of the separation. Healing cannot occur through separation!

As long as your Emotional Body can be controlled, you are a sitting target to be duped into believing many non-truths that are designed to control you, steal your Source energy and keep you trapped within the distorted thought patterns such as; seeking a savior, giving your Source energy away to things / life forms outside of yourself in your desire to heal, be protected and rediscover truth.

All of the issues that you are currently dealing with as part of your life experience are a result of the the distorted thought patterns that are currently held within your Emotional Body. This is why continued assistance will include thoughts directed toward understanding more of such and the importance of healing your Emotional Body. Within such understanding will be included many ways in which the masses of planet Earth have continued to be duped for hundreds of thousands of years to give their Source energy away to something that exists outside of their Vertical Connection to Source. ALL programs currently in place on planet Earth that desire you to focus your energy outside of your Vertical Connection to Source are designed to do just that. Experiencing and playing within the hologram does require you to engage in order to have the life experience therefore, it becomes a matter of being able to make higher choices for what you actually want to engage your energy with and in doing so, give your energy to that something. You can find assistance from things outside of yourself to support your healing desires but it becomes very important to be able to choose wisely what things you will engage your energy with and by doing so, bring unto yourself.

Information was being returned to planet Earth several years ago that began the process of understanding more of your Emotional Body and the importance for and methods in which you can begin healing your Emotional Body. That information was stopped from being presented to the masses after what had been presented on purpose and not by Krystic life forms. Ask yourself why that would have occurred.


Costumes - Masks - The Play of Life:

Most likely you have heard the phrase, "The World is a stage and each must play a part". Indeed, that is exactly what the game of life entails.

As you go about your busy life, do you allow awareness of the many different characters you are portraying within the play of life on Earth? Most do not. Very few hold any awareness that they are playing character roles in a play.

The distortions that have existed for so long within the Earth reality field, the program of control and the amnesia the entire population have experienced has allowed life on Earth to become a serious faced drama. A drama that holds thought patterns similar to, "it's a dog eat dog world out there". This distorted drama quickly forces the entire population into "survival mode".

What can you possibly do to begin healing such a massive size drama? Another planetary held phrase, "Become part of the solution instead of part of the problem". It really is as simple as that but the characters you are currently snared into playing may it find quite challenging to discover new script lines. From the view point of being snared within the drama, the distortion can seem to be so overwhelming that a starting point cannot be seen.

Many feel the desire and need for positive changes to occur within the Earth drama but may feel they do not have a voice or the power to bring about positive changes. These type of feelings emerge as a result of the disempowerment that has occurred on Earth. Unlike the ant who carries no thought limitations, the human population feels limitation no matter where they look.

Beyond the fact of the truth that the required amount of Source energy must be available to allow anything to heal, a major step into healing begins through education. The old saying which speaks about feeding the masses by teaching them to how to feed themselves still very much applies today.

The individual system structures that allow the "Play of Life" to be a play are all systems based on the fallen race reality model. Thought patterns that have been seeded within the Earth reality field to puppet people to "think" they have great thoughts and ideas of how a planetary system should work. People play their role within the "systems" to keep things moving along but most of them think they are working toward higher goals and expressions. They have no clue what is really going on or why they make the decisions and have the thoughts they do. There are some in positions of power who do know the truth but greed and the desire for power are very strong motivational tools for those who are easily controlled.

It feels like it is a dog eat dog world because the fallen system model is designed to steal energy which literally means sucking the life force from life forms that carry it. Such systems are not put in place over night but have been carefully seeded to grow and expand within the Earth reality field through many generations via people who are coded to such programs that allow them to be easily controlled.

When an entire planet forgets they are Source embodied, they instantly become powerless and prime targets of control. What changes do you think might occur within the Earth reality field if more people than not could remember they are Source embodied? If that occurred, what would happen to things like organized religion, governments, academic programs, health care, economics, substance abuse, the legal systems and world management teams? They would all begin to deteriorate very quickly. How many people on planet today realize that the entire system is still based on the what was in place during the Roman Empire? Technology may seem to have changed the world but very little positive change has occurred.

There have been and continue to be many up risings, many battles fought on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years as a result of those who desire to free themselves from the control they are snared within. Many life forms have continued to incarnate on planet Earth over and over carrying the same desire within them for healing, freedom and balance and as soon as they embody the distortion they once again become disempowered. Battles, fighting, wars and continued killing will not heal the issues of the Earth reality field. This should be obvious to the people of planet Earth after so very long a time of continued destruction. Wars and killing have occurred for so long on planet Earth that no one holds memory of who, where, what or why the original problems are. That does not stop people from quickly finding their believed enemy though. They have no clue the portrayed enemy they seek lives within them and continue to use their energy to feed the enemy and allow it to grow stronger and continue to populate the planet.

Planet Earth is the one who suffers the most through the raging battles that continue to be played out within her. Yes, within her! It may currently be perceived as external from planet Earth, you may currently perceive yourself as external from planet Earth and sitting on top of her but the reality is that the entire Earth reality field and everything that appears to be external from the planet is occurring "within" the planets energetic anatomy. You perceive it as external because that is what is shinning forth on the movie screen of the play to view. Regardless, Earth continues to play her role of creating the stage for the life forms it hosts to have an arena to play their drama within.

It is not possible for you to "over throw" the powers that be that keep the distorted reality field shinning forth. It is quite true that "two wrongs never make a right". Negative energy added to negative energy will always create stronger negative energy. Both negative and positive energy are required to allow manifestation to occur. The secret within polarities of energy is "balance". The balance point is where the smooth sailing experiences reside. Something that is not working cannot be replaced until something else is created to take its place. If a system structure should simply disappear and nothing was there to take its place, then the entire structure would start to crumble. If you desire to experience a system structure that is more in balance with Source, then you must first co-create it. One person cannot do such things alone but you are not one person, you are part of a whole and together you can co-create things you have yet to imagine.

Education into truth is the only way to begin healing systems such as yours that are expressing a critical mass of imbalance and is why so much effort continues to be applied by Krystic races in a desire to assist as much as possible without interfering with free will choice. Such assistance has never been and never will be with the intention of creating more division, separation or fighting. This is important to remain aware of as you encounter those on your planet who call themselves spiritual leaders. Spiritual growth can be assisted by messengers, it does not require leaders. The masses are the ones who "appoint" their leaders as a result of disempowerment.

The masses have been brain washed into believing they are helpless, sinful, lowly life forms not worthy of anything let alone the love of Source. This is a major reason why the life experiences require you to adorn so many different masks and costumes in a desire to fit in, find love on the outside and not be considered an outcast by other people. When you choose to allow what others think determine who you are, then you are allowing others to create your personal experiences for you. Sometimes being yourself means standing as one with yourself and no one else but you are never alone as Source is always standing with you.

What masks and costumes do you step into every day of your life? Business/Professional, Best Friend, Parent, Rock Star / Movie Star / Pro Athlete, Political Figure, Law Enforcer, Teacher, Healer. Why do you choose to wear the masks you do and play the roles you do? Only you would know the answer to such a question but perhaps such a question would allow you to stop and think about the why and if your character roles are supporting your desires for healing. Think about the many costumes you put on every day of your life and step into your role of the play and recite your lines perfectly.

Yes, life on Earth is indeed a play and one that has continued to be reran for hundreds of thousands of years. You are the only one who can write a new script with new lines and choose new character parts and costumes. You will not be told what you should do, think and Be as you have free will to decide for yourself. If you desire to experience change that will support the whole into healing, return balance and freedom, then it can only start with you.

You have been gifted with a brand new screen book to support anything you would like to write. What will you choose? What will the story line be? Could it include the Loving Joy of Source? Could it include remembering how to Allow, Express as much as Source as possible every given moment, offering your neighbor a helping hand, teaching your children truth and how to co-exist in a reality where untruth exists. Perhaps boycotting things that you know are making your environment ill? How can you reach out in your community and share the love of Source? Can you allow yourself to do such while honoring others current belief systems? Perhaps you are currently stuck for ideas on where to begin. Perhaps grabbing a paper and pen and simply begin outlining your vision of a balanced reality would assist you. The answers to all of these questions are YES! You are Source embodied and you can accomplish anything you desire. Each person carries their piece to apply to the new script. Will you turn someone away because they might not fall in line with your current thoughts and beliefs? If so, then you would be missing a very important piece.

Do you know what brings about the highest possible response in any given situation? Love! Regardless what the situation involves, regardless if your boss is screaming at you and telling you how worthless you are, regardless if you are standing before a firing squad, looking death in the face. The highest energy that can shift anything in a blink of an eye is love. Your boss may terminate you and force you to seek other employment or maybe will see the situation could be handled from a much higher expression. The firing squad may fire and you leave the body instantly and if so, you were finished with the life experience and chose that as your exit point from the hologram or they may be shifted into love and refuse to fire. Either way, you benefit yourself by simply remaining in a space of the love of Source.

You carry the love of Source with you at all times, therefore you are more than educated and qualified to write your new script. Simply believing that is true, will allow it to be true!

Today you may not be able to pay your bills. Today your relationship may be falling apart. Today you will be subjected to toxins designed to make your physical body ill. Today you may choose to remove yourself from the hologram. BUT, tomorrow will always come so what will you choose today to make each new tomorrow an even better experience? The world is your playground and you have freewill to choose whatever you like.


Understanding More Of Source:

As long as a spark of Source is experiencing individuation within Source, it will remain impossible to fully understand "Unlimited Source". There is no ending or beginning to Source. Source simply is, always has been and will Be eternally.

The finite physical body can only translate as much energy as it was created to translate just like the physical heart can only pump a specific amount of blood in a specific amount of time. Individuated expressions within Source such as the heart and brain, hold their limitations of operation based on what they were created to accomplish.

The energetic systems of life forms experiencing in a reality field, such as the Earth reality field, will always encounter any limitations that exist as part of the reality field. As a planet expands its energy system to hold more of the energy of Source it allows more individuated sparks of Source (life forms, people) on the planet to hold more of Source energy open within themselves. This process also allows "Higher Levels of Consciousness" to incarnate on the planet when the planet can support more energy. If Higher Levels of Consciousness incarnated into the reality field before the reality field could support that energy, the planet would blow up.

It can be quite challenging for your physical brain to understand such truth unless you can imagine the reality field as energy, as everything actually is. What appears as dense matter to you or solid / manifest is simply energy that holds less quantum of Source energy than the level of yourself that is viewing or looking at the reality field. When you have once again expanded to hold open within yourself all of the energy in which matter density occurs, you will no longer experience matter density.

Regardless of the level of the manifest time matrix you are experiencing from within, you will not be able to remember the fullness of what it means to be One With Source or know yourself as ALL of Source at the same time until you have returned to full At-One-Ment with Source and removed your consciousness from the time matrix structure. Even though you will continue to expand more of Source energy open to your awareness and become aware of much more of what is held within creation, within Source. This means that as long as you are experiencing as a spark of Source within Source, you will also see the illusion of boundaries when the truth is, there are no boundaries anywhere within Source. The illusion of such allows for individuated experiences.

Because of the current limitations that exists within the Earth reality, it remains quite challenging to return higher understanding, concepts and truth to the life forms of Earth. There will always be more to know, understand, rediscover about Source, the structures of creation and your personal involvement within creation. It would be wise if you chose not to set limitations for your healing and continued evolution of expansion by limiting yourself to think that once you rediscover pieces of truth that assist you, that there is no need to continue to look for more pieces. By doing so you would be blocking yourself from continuing to rediscover more truth and therefore more healing. It has never been the intention that truth returned to the planet about any piece of creation be considered all there is to know about that piece. Limitation is only limited to the degree of the energy that the planet and the life forms on the planet are able to access and translate the information which flows within the energy of Source.

It is correct to say that the "Matter - Manifest Realms of Creation" exist within a time matrix that holds 15 frequency bands of energy and 4 "Densities of Manifestation" which are surrounded by Light and Sound Fields in which densification of matter does not occur. This is exactly how the truth of your current time matrix has been returned to planet Earth.

The frequency bands in which densification of matter occurs, group together in sets of 3 to create Harmonic Universes (HU) or Density Levels in which manifest matter can occur to allow for individuated experiences to occur.

HU 1 = The Incarnate Identity and is the most dense matter of expression - (Frequency Bands 1, 2, 3)

HU 2 = The Soul Identity and is less dense in matter but still matter manifest, ghost like matter - (Frequency Bands 4, 5, 6)

HU3 = The Over Soul Identity and is even less dense in matter but still matter manifest - (Frequency Bands 7, 8 9)

HU4 = The Christos Avatar Identity and is matter in the form of liquid light. This level of the time matrix is where densification of matter begins as the energy of Source begins the process of cooling enough to allow for such - (Frequency Bands 10, 11, 12)

Frequency Bands 13, 14 and 15 of the Light and Sound Fields do not hold densification of matter. These layers of a time matrix structure hold "Collective Consciousness" of Source energy who play a role to hold the coding for what will occur within the lower levels of the time matrix so these frequency bands are not considered "Density Levels". Your Identity in this level of the time matrix is called the Rishi Identity.

This is your "immediate" structure of your multi-dimensional family of consciousness that exists within the 15 frequency band structure you are currently experiencing within. This structure applies to all the time matrices within creation in which densification of matter occurs. There are an uncountable number of such systems.

Time Matrices are "alive" as well. They are not simply constructs of energy that hang out in space connected to something above them at one location point. Time Matrices in which densification of matter occurs also have their levels of identities based on the same structure of the systems in which densification of matter occur.

What has not been previously presented is that a 15 Frequency Band Time Matrix also holds levels of frequency bands that exist as "Inner Domains". Inner Domains consist of 3 more levels of 15 Frequency Band Structures as each set of 12 Frequency Bands is surrounded by a Light and Sound field to make up the full spectrum of 15 Frequency Bands. Densification of matter does not occur within the Inner Domains.

The first Domain consists of frequency bands 13 - 24 and its Light and Sound Fields for a 15 frequency band structure. This is called the "Outer Domain".

The next Domain consists of frequency bands 25 - 36 and its Light and Sound Fields and is called the Middle Domain.

And the last Domain consists of frequency bands 37 - 48 and its Light and Sound Fields and is called the Hub Domain.

All four levels of 15 Frequency Bands are surrounded by a vast Light and Sound field of Source energy that hold the space for all to occur within which also includes larger collectives of consciousness.

The time matrix system that you currently find yourself in is considered as the Incarnate Level of the full structure. The Outer Domain is considered as the Soul Level of the full structure. The Middle Domain is considered as the Over Soul level of the full structure and the Hub Domain is considered as the Christos Avatar Level of the full structure. The larger Light and Sound Field that all of it exists within is considered as the Rishi level of the full structure.

They are called Domains as they consist of "Collective Consciousness of Races" and matter densification does not occur within them. Therefore, they are not considered Density Levels. All of these levels exist in the same space, at the same time but to reach the Domain Levels one must continue to expand Inward and these are indeed "return paths" for consciousness that expanded from those levels into the manifestation levels.

There are different levels of individuated collective life expressions that exist in all frequency bands and they do so to play their role in holding the energy of Source to allow for all levels below their location to exist.

What might a Collective Consciousness be like? It can be challenging from your current limitations to imagine such but you can get a smaller concept by thinking of things on planet Earth that exist as a collective consciousness. The birds, the grass, the trees and similar things that you consider to be a species of life forms.

When you see a flock of birds on the ground and they all seem to take flight at about the same time for no apparent reason, you are seeing a collective consciousness in action. They are all operating on the same "wave length" and when one feels the need to take flight, the rest will follow suite along that same wave length. But different "races" of birds also carry their race line morphogenetic field and is why you do not see all such birds doing the exact samw thing at the exact same time in different locations around the planet. You think of them as flocks of birds and there is are reasons why they gather in flocks yet gather with like kind. This would involve more understanding of how Source energy steps down to create "Group Shields".

All trees around your planet are in constant communication with each other. All trees know what each tree experiences regardless of their physical location on the planet. Knowing this, it should be rather easy for you to understand why trees do not care to much about communicating with the people on the planet but some will if they are in the mood.

People on the planet are also part of collective consciousness and there are many different collective consciousness incarnate on planet Earth but all people are dealing with the same energetic body issues that currently do not allow them open memory of such truth.

There really is no separation of anything within Source. All things are connected together Eternally but the mechanics of creation allow for the illusion of separation to allow Source to experience everything that Source thinks.

If you could see the reality of the creation fields within Source you would see a Sea of Spheres of energy but only if you were seeing through a level of individuation, otherwise you would not see a Sea of Spheres as there would not be the illusion to see. Creation within Source creates Height, Depth and Width. Regardless from what point of perception you might be looking from within a point of individuation, you would see creation as height, depth and width.

This is why it continues to be very challenging to return bits and pieces of structures that occur within creation to the masses of planet Earth. Things like Up, Down, Left, Right, Middle, Inner, Outer and all degrees in between are only relevant depending on the point of perception you are viewing from.

Understanding can only be shared in bits and pieces and that means smaller images that would compute through your system must find analogies to compare with. Many "image analogies" have been returned to planet Earth to try to assist you into some understanding of pieces that exist within creation "as they become important for you to become aware of". There is always more to know about any bits and pieces that image analogies can share with you.

Life forms that are coded to the frequency bands of 13 - 24 frequency bands of energy exist within the Outer Domain of your full time matrix system. Life forms that are coded to the frequency bands of 25 - 36 exist in the Middle Domain and life forms that are coded to frequency bands 37 - 48 exist within the Hub Domain.

When the Higher Races of your Manifest Time Matrix combined their gene codes to co-create a "new race of Beings" within your time matrix, the pattern for that life form already existed in the Domain levels of your system and the Higher Races still held that pattern within their gene code to specific degrees. By combing their gene codes, they could co-create a similar life expression that would carry the coding for the full manifest time matrix in their gene code but could step down into the lower density levels where distortion had occurred and take that coding with them to assist with healing the distortion that had occurred within the lower density levels by taking into those levels more undistorted energy of Source. The Higher Races could not do this themselves as their energy would be too high for those lower levels.

Combining of their gene codes also allowed an energetic system that ALL life forms who had been co-created in the lower density levels could incarnate into and regain the codes they were missing to allow healing to occur and release them from being trapped within the density levels of space, time and matter. The 12 Strand life form was created as a "healing race" that could descend into the lower density races to allow healing to occur with the intention of healing all to a critical mass level which would then reset the entire structure to the Original Expression that Source created it to be.

As structures, planets, life forms begin to heal it allows more Higher Energy to turn on within the 12 Strand pattern this allows more of Source energy to become available for healing. As planet Earth continues to heal to hold and support more of the higher energy of Source, this allows consciousness that holds higher energy to incarnate on the planet.

This is why there are now life forms incarnated on planet Earth called the Indigo Children who carry the coding for 12 - 48 frequency bands of energy within their energetic structure. As more energy can be supported within the system and IF the personal energetic structure will allow support, more higher energy coded life forms can descend into your reality field to bring more higher energy of Source for continued healing of the whole. Because the 12 Strand life form carries coding from the 12 - 48 frequency band levels, if the life form holds a contract of agreement and maintains an energetic structure that will allow, then they can be "Upgraded" to turn on more sub-harmonics of energy within their energetic system. The last such upgrade that occurred did so in May 2012 to prepare to assist planet Earth to receive the "Gift" of the Higher Shield on December 21, 2012. There are now more Indigo 2s or Indigos who hold the coding for up to 24 frequency bands of energy, incarnate on planet Earth than there has been since the planet had previously ascended before the fall from Tara occurred and this will now continue to increase as the planet continues to heal to support more higher energy. All Indigo Races incarnate on planet via the "Walk In" method as the energetic structure expands to allow them to come in. Some of this information has already been presented to the planet and a lot of it can be found within the material offered through Azurite Press Inc.

The human prototype can only turn on up to 12 frequency bands of energy within the energetic system but once that has occurred and release from that system has occurred, the higher levels of frequency bands can turn on as the life form can ascend into the Domain Levels of the time matrix if they hold coding for those systems.

Not all humans hold coding for the Domain Systems and is why once they have merged to their original quantum spark of energy, they can choose to leave the time matrix structure and return to At-One-Ment with Source. Regardless of the coding a life form is created to hold, once they merge to reach their original point of quantum energy, they can then choose to return to At-One-Ment with Source.

As long as you are experiencing within the realms of space, time and matter you will continue to view "planes" within creation or continue to see an horizon point in some direction. This fact allows the perception of creation existing as flat but none of creation is flat. It is all spheres within spheres. Just like you view your current reality as flat and cannot see the sphere of planet Earth unless you are viewing from beyond the planet, so too will your experiences continue to present the illusion of a plane of expression.

Nothing is simply hanging out in what you call outer space and not connected to something else all around and within it. As more healing has been able to occur for planet Earth and its life forms, you will begin to experience more the concept of "miracles" appear in your hologram and YOU will be the ones creating those seemingly miracles. No matter your current belief system or held customs, if you could simply stand together as a "Collective" in harmonic love of Source, you will not only be able to move mountains but you will regain the ability to co-create them. But before such can occur, a critical mass of the population must remember they are Source Embodied and begin their inner process of healing.

Share your message far and wide to any who will listen to you even if they are only doing so out of politeness. Plant seeds everywhere you walk as you are the Source anti-virus to allow healing to occur.

When people gather together to share their love and understanding of Source, when they can put all of their differences aside and simply share the love of Source, that is when seemingly miracles occur. If you could see the increased energy of Source that is co-created in your reality field during such times then the thought of coming together with that one common goal would be something you could not hardly wait to do. This is where the concept of attending church originated from but of course that concept became distorted within the control program. You would not need to sing or chant or dance around, all you would need to do is stand together as one and Shine forth the love of Source that flows through you. One common goal of healing back into balance with Source. None of the rest of the drama of the play really matters at all and you have free will choice to make it happen or not.


Inner Sound Healing:

Just like your Loving Joy Songs will create sparks of higher radiation within your Emotional Body so too can you co-create sound healing with your Krystal Ring of Power.

All light holds a vibration and oscillation sequence and therefore creates sound. There are many sounds in creation which exist that you currently are not able to hear or be aware of. Once you have expanded your energetic structure more and open more receivers, you will become aware of many more sounds.

Because you are composed of light and sound, those are the tools used to speak to your energetic anatomy. Your thoughts are light and light holds a vibration / oscillation rate which generates sound. Each life form is keyed to many different sound tones but each life form holds their "unique harmonics" of sound tones they are coded to.

There are many on planet Earth who hold much knowledge of the effects of sound on life forms and the planetary environment. There are sounds that are inaudible to you that are used on the planet almost every day to create some kind of effect and not all of those effects are healthy for the environment, the planet or the life forms on the planet. Many are using sound technologies in ways that were never intended by Source and unfortunately, those who do such things will reap the results of their choices along their path. Not because Source is sitting in judgment of any of ItSelf but simply because of Divine Physics and what will automatically be drawn to experience for those who choose to work outside of the Natural Laws of creation.

There are sound waves that move through your air ways daily that can be detected if one has the receiver to detect them and if your internal receivers were working correctly, you would become aware of a lot of them but regardless if you can hear them or not, they still have an effect on you in some way.

Simply by turning on your radio or television you receive some of those sounds that are inaudible to your physical ears without the translation of that energy, by the receivers in your electronic devices. If you were able to hear inside of your physical body you would discover that it is quite noisy in there. The process of your physical body working to maintain operation makes a lot of noise. You can quickly hear some of those sounds in the food digestion process or of course your heart beating but there are many more inner sounds you do not hear.

Even when you sit in complete silence and do not hear anything with your ears, your physical / emotional body is hearing sounds all of the time and those sounds are giving it instructions. Some instructions would most likely not be to your desire if you were able to be aware of them. There will remain audible and inaudible sounds in your environment as long as the dual reality field is running on planet Earth and you will continue to be effected by them in some fashion but you can co-create immunity to many sounds that might be harmful to you.

Your physical / emotional body hears every sound you make but also every thought you think. To your physical / emotional body, there is no difference between the two. The sounds you make, the thoughts you have and the words you use give instructions to your physical / emotional body. Instructions that will be followed to allow you to experience those thoughts, ideas and sound tones.

Within your energetic structure is an anatomy composed of crystal. Just like in your watches, crystal holds and transmits energy signals and can be programmed to hold an energetic pattern of instructions. You may not currently be able to be aware of what is encoded in your crystal body anatomy but that does not stop it from operating.

You may be aware of people doing things like using very high pitched sounds to shatter something like a crystal glass or crystal bowl. That is a small example of the effects sound has on all of creation which of course includes your personal anatomy.

If you have chosen to work with your Loving Joy Songs, then you are aware how sounds that are keyed specifically to you can lift you up and allow you to feel better, lighter, more joyful and that feeling is a result of what occurs within your emotional body and releasing stored, lower vibrating thoughts patterns or chunks of coal, as the analogy had been presented.

Your Krystal Ring of Power generates sound tones as well. Everything within creation generates sound tones. Each crystal on your Krystal Ring of Power is keyed to specific frequency levels of the time matrix. You can request assistance with healing any part of your anatomy from your Krystal Ring of Power.

Because your Krystal Ring of Power is coded specifically to you, it will produce sound tones that are keyed specifically to you. Sound tones that you may or may not hear with your physical ears because the sound tones are generated inside of you.

Some are able to pick up on inner sounds that move through them but most will become aware of those sounds as a feeling of waves of energy moving through them. The ability to become aware of such things is dependent on personal receivers operating and allowing energy to translate through the physical levels of the physical body form. More often than not, the physical body will translate energy waves into "thought patterns" that you can then become aware of but if you are not focusing on your thoughts, the thought patterns can move through you so quickly that you might miss them or you may become aware of them and think it is nothing or wonder why you would be having thoughts about something particular.

The first step for any life form to co-create healing within themselves is to know, believe that such a thing is possible. If you do not believe such is possible or you hold doubts that such is possible then you become your own blockage in your desire for self healing. Trust is not something that comes simply because one desires to trust. When a life form cannot remember the truths of their self and cannot remember they are Source Embodied, then trust can seem like it does not exist. Regaining trust in your own abilities and your personal connection with Source is not something another can give to you. You must remember it yourself but if you desire to do so, you can begin the process of trusting through "faith". Krystic life forms trust ALL until they may discover they cannot trust something or someone even though personal fee will choice can allow for trust issues to unfold. Krystic life forms do not have thoughts of imbalance or disorder as Krystic life forms know that ALL hold the ability to to make higher choices that will support the whole. When choices are made that do not support the whole, then they are simply aware that is a result of something that requires healing and will work together as a collective to facilitate the necessary healing.

If you desire to allow yourself to become aware of the thoughts that move through you constantly and how to regain power over yourself through thought awareness, then you will quickly begin to regain trust in your own abilities and it will naturally occur that your trust in Source will continue to expand.

Sounds that you translate with your physical ears that occur outside of your physical body can assist your healing if they are sounds that your personal anatomy are coded to. Inner Sound that is coded to your personal healing can facilitate healing much faster as it does not loose quantum of energy as outer sound does by moving through the translation process of the physical body system. This is why you can co-create much deeper healing within your physical / emotional body by co-creating with your Krystal Ring of Power to self generate inner sounds that are coded to you.

If you remember from the information presented about your Loving Joy Songs, then you are aware that specific sounds tones that are keyed to you, create a "spark of higher energy radiation" within your emotional body. The sparks that are generated within your emotional body are a form of heat radiation and when they strike the lower, stored thought patterns or chunks of coal that are held in your emotional body, they release chunks of coal from the bed of coals stored there and transmute them into higher energy that might look like a vapor to you. They can then leave your personal anatomy and return to Source for healing instantly.
As you go about your busy life, you can listen to your Loving Joy Songs any time you are able and "feel better" from doing so but when you are able to sit in your "Source Space" and focus for the desire of co-creating healing for your emotional body you could choose to work with your Krystal Ring of Power to facilitate inner sound healing for your emotional body.


Krystal Ring of Power - Inner Sound Healing:

1. Prime your Vertical Pillar by sending a spark of your consciousness / mini self, into the God Space.

2. Breath Pure White God Source energy into your Krystal Ring of Power at your AzurA to strengthen the energy you can access for healing in the moment.

3. On next Inhale breathe into your Krystal Ring of Power, use the Exhale breath to move your Krystal Ring of Power down to your 2nd chakra, located just below the navel.

4. Inhale and Exhale into your Krystal Ring of Power at the 2nd chakra and notice that it begins to spin. It does not matter which direction it spins and the spin direction will most likely be different in each healing session as your Krystal Ring of Power is a "Live, Conscious" part of you and knows what it needs to do in each session you connect for healing and co-creation.

5. Notice or imagine that as your Krystal Ring of Power spins, in your 2nd chakra, sparks of light begin to shine forth and spread throughout the inside of your physical body. Each spark of light holds specific sound tones that are keyed to you.

6. Mentally connect with your Emotional Body (Inner Child) and speak / think as if you are speaking to a child with loving, caring thoughts. Tell your Inner Child that you are now going to heal your Inner Child with more healing.

7. Mentally request your Krystal Ring of Power to transmute the lower vibrating thought patterns that are stored within your emotional body.

8. Watch - Listen - Imagine - Pretend; as your Krystal Ring of Power spins see the sparks and tones transmute more stored chunks of coal and vaporize them to allow them to move out of your physical / emotional body.

9. Listen for responses from your Inner Child as your Inner Child may have things to let you know about this process. Always offer comforting, loving, reassuring thoughts to your Inner Child.

10. When you have reached the point of experiencing as much healing as you can in that session, your Krystal Ring of Power will slow down the spin process and come to a halt, waiting further instructions from you.

11. Thank your Inner Child for connecting with you to co-create more healing for your selves and offer assurance that you will continue more healing in the future.

12. You can either give instruction to you Krystal Ring of Power to return to home location in your AzurA or simply enjoy the soft, gentle moments and it will do so of its own accord. Always offer thanks and gratitude for the co-creation of healing. Be gentle and loving with yourself and allow your energetic body time to rebalance before moving about.

The Sound of Silence - Hearing your Vertical Messages:

The constant stress environment you are currently experiencing within can make it quite challenging for you to become aware of the messages you constantly receive from your Vertical Family of Consciousness.

As previously stated, even light carries sound with it which means that your emotional / physical body is constantly translating light and sound from your environment and this can keep your receivers in a constant state of stress of translating and filtering the distorted light and sounds that are currently a part of your environment. If you can allow yourself to regain some control over your thoughts and the effects they have on you, then you can begin to control your personal environment so that it is working more in balance with your desires for healing. Being able to regain some control over the inner environment is just as important as making sure your outer environment offers a relaxing, peaceful space for your healing sessions. It can be very hard if not impossible for you to become aware of your personal communication line if you allow yourself to be constantly trying to filter through light and noise pollution.

Creating a "safe, quite space" for yourself to be within, can assist you to great levels of becoming aware of your personal communication line. Just like someone cannot teach you to ride a bike or teach you to swim because you must "feel" for yourself what it feels like and then the body retains the memory of that feeling, so to can no one teach you what your personal communication line sounds like. The best that can be offered are analogies to try to assist your awareness in what type of thing to look for.

How do you explain to someone the sound of silence so that they can experience it for themselves? Listening to the sound of silence can be quite uncomfortable for many people. This is because of the light and sound pollution that the physical / emotional body is currently accustomed to and when silence is desired, the emotional body thoughts seem to become louder and try to run the show. You may notice that when you try to do something like meditate or shift your focused thought to one specific desire that the auto pilot thoughts turn up the volume and try to make you think or do anything else besides simply be quiet. This is not natural or organic to your original creation design. You should have control over your thoughts at all times. You should have control over ALL energy that flows through you at any time. It can take some longer than others to regain control over the auto pilot thoughts but with practice, it is quite possible to accomplish.

What does the sound of silence sound like? How can you become aware of your open communication line if you cannot remember what it sounds like or feels like?

The sound of an open communication line might be thought of as the way that you think of "dead space" or "dead air". It is not dead at all but you may hold some preconceived thought that it is simply because that thought is part of your current reality field.

With so many cellular phones in use today, it may be hard for you to remember what using a landline phone is like. Some younger people may never have used a landline phone, but most people have at some point. When you are having a conversation with someone using a landline phone and if they hang up their end of the phone but you still remain on the line for bit and simply "listen", you will become aware of something similar to an open communication line. It is as if you can hear air moving about but there is no noticeable sound coming into your physical ears.

It can be quite challenging to find a "space" for yourself to allow yourself to listen to the sound of silence. If you have experienced a time when there was a power outage and you sat alone in darkness, waiting for the electricity to come back on, you will be more aware of the sound of silence but even during such times, it requires being able to remove yourself from noise that comes from outside of your location as well.

Try to create a space for yourself in which there is not outside noise. Remove yourself from appliances, such as the refrigerator or clocks ticking. Even air conditioning or the fan from a furnace. As you work to co-create your quite space, listen closely to become aware of any noises that you take for granted and forget they are in the background. Try to eliminate all external noises.

Once you have created your quite space, focus your thoughts on "one thing". It does not matter what one thing you choose to focus on. A thought is much easier to bring back into focus when your mind wanders than something like an external image but choose whatever works best for you. If you choose a thought then make it simple such as one word that allows you to feel peaceful and calm. It might be the word color, love, joy, peace, balance or anything you like. You would not want to use a word to focus on that holds any type of negative feelings for you, anything that might hold fear, worry, stress, etc. It might be simply pretending you see the image of a favorite flower. Whatever it is you focus on, allow it to be something that you know of very well. This will assist you when your focus wonders and you need to come back into focus.

Whatever you choose as your focused thought, it will assist you in your desired process if you first send a spark of yourself (mini me) into the God Space. This will allow you to instantly access higher energy that will assist your desired goal.

When the auto pilot thoughts start to run and try to take over, simply become aware that is occurring and bring your focus back to your original focus point. Some may require more time in "retraining the brain" how to stay in focus but with practice, it becomes much easier and you can reach a point where you can simply focus on being quiet and accomplish that.

The "Art of Meditation" is simply being able to be quite enough to allow yourself to "hear" Source speak to you. Some believe that mediation must include some type of repeated toning or chanting and there is nothing wrong with that if it will allow one to focus on being quite and simply listening.

Once it becomes easier for you to simply be quiet and quiet the auto pilot thoughts, it will become much easier for you to hear your personal messages. When you feel like you are more in control over the process, then you may find you can reach your quiet state simply by focusing on the in and out sequence of your breathing rhythm. Once you are completely quiet, "listen". Listen for the sound of silence as in listening to the dead air on the landline telephone.

What will you hear?

The sound of an open communication line is a very soft, non-intrusive, slight ringing of blended sound tones to the physical ears. Some might relate it to the sound your ears hear when within a vacuum or perhaps holding your hands tightly over your ears. It is also similar to the ringing sound your ears hear when you fly in an airplane and your ears pop as they adjust to the pressure change. It is not a loud sound but may be compared to what your ears hear when submerged under water.

There is not a pressure change within the ear drums as the ear drums rebalance and turn on the filters to adjust to the higher energy waves that your open communication line is connected to and through. For many people, they hear the sound of silence constantly but are not aware that is what they are hearing. More people are becoming aware of their open communication line but are not aware that is what it is as they may hear constant slight ringing in their inner hearing.

With practice you "can" become aware of your open communication line and when you do, it will be much easier for you to translate the messages that are waiting for you. When you are in your quiet space, do not allow yourself to second guess your ability to receive your messages. This will block you from receiving them. Simply hear, feel, know what thoughts might come into your head and discern if that is something you want to keep or discard. This process will allow you to filter out auto pilot thoughts.

If you do not understand something you receive in the moment, state that you do not understand and need more information. It may come then or at a later time. When you become aware of your messages, it is suggested to keep a journal by your side for each session because when your filters adjust to receive, the messages will come rather quickly. When you first get the communication flowing, it will most likely feel like you are taking message from your answering machine and there could very well be many messages recorded there for you to pick up.

When you begin to hear your messages or simply become aware of them, it might feel like your communication line is really long and extends somewhere far above your head. The illusion of distance does not matter anymore than it matters how far above your head you feel like the God Space is located for you. The reality is that it is ALL occurring inside of you and as you expand your awareness to hold open more and more of Source energy, you will discover that the illusion of distance shortens.

The communication network is operating just fine, loud and clear. It is just waiting for you to pick up your end of the phone line. Your phone is ringing now. Can you hear it?


Color / Energy Waves / Thoughts / Stress

(This part on color was given after I was asked to simply sit down and allow the body to rest and focus on a word of my choice, I chose the word color)

Color carries an inaudible sound that is created as a result of the vibration / oscillation of the wave of energy it is composed of. Just like you can pluck a taught string and translate through your physical body the vibration / oscillation of the energy wave, so too does your physical body translate the vibration / oscillation rate of color. You should be able to hear the sound of color just like you currently hear sound tones with your physical ears and your body does hear the sound of color but currently your physical anatomy translates the energy of color in different ways that are organic to you and therefore simply seem "natural" because the process is natural. Some are even aware of experiencing "the taste of color" and that too is a natural aspect of how your body translates energy.

Just like each life form is keyed or coded to specific sound tones so too is each life form keyed or coded to specific colors which are in fact specific waves of energy. From your level of denseness or density level you are currently only able to translate a very small amount of waves of energy through the denseness of your physical body form. This is why currently you are only able to perceive specific bands of light that your physical body translates into color. The "Fabric of Pure Source Conscious Energy" currently looks black to you when you close your eyes and see darkness because your physical body cannot translate the massive amount of Source energy that a life form remembers when they return to at-one-ment with Source. As long as your consciousness remains within the confines of a time matrix structure that will remain what you see because the pure conscious energy of Source is to massive and unquantifiable until it begins to step down into time matrix structures for the creation experience. If you were able to see the pure energy of Source it would look like pure white light to you but not even a white that you could imagine while within the realms of space and time. The reason what you call outer space appears black to you is because your physical body is not able to translate the energy waves held there and so cannot translate the light of those energy waves.

This is an organic aspect of the manifestation process that allows for the "illusion" of space between anything. When you can turn on and translate through their energetic foundation the energy that currently seems like it is black and empty to you, you will be able to know what is held within the light and sound waves of that current darkness. As you continue the process of turning on those waves of energy within your energetic foundation you will first become aware of the "thoughts" stored within those waves as those thoughts translate through your physical body anatomy.

What you currently perceive as space between anything and blackness or darkness would also look like that if you were able to see your energetic foundation, from your current perspective of view. The blackness that you see on the outside of your body expresses as dormant energy within the energetic foundation of your Physical / Emotional body. When those energy bands turn on within your energetic foundation you will become aware of the thought patterns held there. You hold the thought patterns of the entire time matrix within the currently dormant coding of your Physical / Emotional body and in each level of expression you have that exists in the time matrix. The smallest particles in the time matrix hold the coding of the entire time matrix within them.

Currently everything you see with your physical eyes as solid is actually the thought patterns that are held in the 2nd dimensional frequency band as waves of energy made of light and sound. Nothing within creation is actually solid or manifest as you currently perceive but is an illusion of the interaction of light and sound that allows Source Consciousness a "Field of Perception" to play out the many roles that the sparks of Source engage with.

Your part of conscious energy that is viewing the 2nd dimensional energy band as solid manifest is a part of yourself that is a bit higher in energy than the thoughts you currently see as solid and you are viewing that energy as solid through the part of your anatomy called the Ego. Your thoughts and the thoughts of the mass consciousness of the masses of planet Earth shower from you eternally and if you could see this with your physical eyes, it would look like streams of light that constantly spark, shine and spew forth from yourself.

Your current moment thoughts are a bit higher in energy or a higher type of radiation energy than what you currently see as solid manifest. As you continue to draw to your energetic body more of Source energy with every breath you take, you increase the quantum of energy that is "turned" on within your energetic body and when your personal quantum of stored energy becomes higher in quantum than that of the thoughts that showered from you, that is when you will see those thoughts show up in the hologram to experience. From the way that you think of heat, it would be a process of your internal quantum of stored heat becoming hotter than the stored quantum of heat within the thoughts that you showered forth behind your current moment of focus. Your thoughts "shine forth" on the invisible sphere surrounding your physical body and the planets physical body but you will not translate those light particles through your physical body perception until your energy rises higher than the energy held within the thought patterns.

This is why you are able to release and transmute the distorted, embedded thoughts within the particles that compose your physical / emotional body because you can generate sparks of heat radiation that are higher in energy mass than what the distorted, embedded thought patterns hold within them. By sparking them with the higher radiation heat of your current moment thoughts that can send in higher energy from Source, you are able to heat those stored thought patterns and "transmute" them into a higher radiation than you currently experience as solid and release them from your energetic body. By working as a co-creator with the energy of Source to purge these stored, lower energy thought patterns from within yourself, they will transmute into a higher type of energy that is higher than what you are able to view as part of your hologram. This is why transmuting those thought patterns will remove them from you having to experience them as part of your hologram IF you can transmute them before they shine forth on their own onto the screen you view as your hologram. If your energetic body was working the way that Source created it to work, then you would be able to accomplish this process faster than the blink of an eye but because of the distortion currently held in the structure of your energetic body, you must do the process in layers as you continue to awaken within yourself the ability to access more of Source energy. The undistorted energy of Source will not create distortions but the manifestation process works regardless of what the thoughts are going to create to experience simply because Source "allows" all chosen experiences and choices are based on the thoughts that run through you to then manifest to experience.

Because of the truth of how the manifest experience occurs "through you" via the thoughts you carry within you, it is very important to regain some understanding of this process and the "Art of Constant Thought Awareness". Part of the process of the Art of Constant Thought Awareness is to "slow down". When you allow your life experience to be in a constant state of hurry up and rush you are expending through you much faster the current moments stored energy of Source held within your physical / emotional body. This is why your physical body will become tired much faster when you are constantly pushing it in overdrive mode.

That is not to say you should not engage in things like physical exercise as the physical body requires such to maintain optimal function but all things should be done in moderation to co-create "balance" and not expenditure of energy. You are constantly drawing energy unto yourself but it is quite possible for you to expend that energy faster than you can draw it in. This current aspect of how your physical body functions is not organic to your original creation. You should be able to self generate the required amount of energy supply you need at any given moment and your physical body should never grow tired or need to sleep. The fact that your physical body currently expends energy and is not able to self generate energy, creates a constant process of over taxing the organs that compose your physical body.

The environment you are currently experiencing within is very toxic. This is so not just because of things like chemicals and pesticides but because the planet itself has not been able to heal the physical / emotional body distortions for eons of time. When life forms or life systems are not able to receive the amount of Source energy required to maintain optimal operation, then the smaller quantum of energy that translates into things like chemicals that you are currently aware of degrade and transmute into something they were not intended to express as. You might view this process as something similar to mold or decay or gasses that reek from organisms when the matter they are composed of decays. When life forms, life systems are able to receive the required quantum of Source energy nothing decays. It is eternally renewed to express as Source intends.

When a life form cannot receive the required amount of Source energy to eternally renew and decay begins, things stop working the way Source created them to work in balance with each other. Because the environment of your hologram is in a state of decay and very toxic, your physical body is in a state of "constant stress". Stress is a major issue to the life forms of Earth but the state of constant stress your physical body exists within has existed for so long that no one on Earth can currently remember that it is in a constant state of stress and what that actually means regarding being able to self heal your physical body.

Being in a constant state of stress effects every aspect of your physical / emotional body and since most of it occurs inside of you, it is currently impossible for you to see the effects that being in a constant state of stress creates on your physical / emotional body. You will most likely not become aware of the stress that your physical body is held within until organs stop working correctly or you become ill or diseased and the body starts to seem like it is falling apart on you.

In order for you to be able to heal what is not currently working correctly within your physical / emotional body and continue to expand to hold open more of Source energy within yourself, the physical / emotional body must be able to have access to enough of Source energy to allow the required healing to occur.

Currently you are subjected to many things that keep your physical / emotional body from being able to receive the amount of Source energy it requires to begin healing the multitude of things that require healing. These issues exist as stored, lower, compacted, thought patterns that are currently held within the energetic structure of your emotional / physical body which block the energy of Source from healing the structures of your anatomy that require healing. These lower, compacted thought patterns can manifest "disease" such as cancer, a cold, the flu, measles, chickenpox and any disease you can think of. They also manifest mental and emotional issues within the physical body because the state of imbalance that exists in your emotional / physical body plays havoc on the chemical and hormonal processes of the physical body.

The physical body will force you to slow down or go to bed when it reaches a critical stage of disease stress, such as the flu and it will feel pretty awful until the physical body has gone through the time required to heal itself from something like the flu. Every time you encounter a virus that is called the flu, it is a different virus than the time before because the physical body will co-create antibodies to purge the virus from its system and once those antibodies are co-created the physical body cannot be attacked by that particular strain of flu virus again.

WHY will your physical body co-create such an antibiotic within itself? Because Source creates all of ItSelf to Self Heal! When an individuated face of Source retains access to the energy of Source they were created to be able to access then they operate as "healing antibiotics" and this allows Source to send those faces of itself into energetic structures that require healing. You were created by Source as the antibiotic to assist healing the viruses that exist in this time matrix. The viruses that exist in the time matrix and therefore are a part of your physical body, can only heal if your system can receive the necessary quantity of Source energy to allow you to self generate the internal vaccine of the antibiotic to heal the viruses and if your physical body cannot receive the necessary energy of Source to allow this, then the viruses become stronger and the physical body breaks down from the constant internal battle of trying to create the antibiotics required and still have enough energy supply to function.

Depending on the strength of the virus and the condition of the personal energetic structure, the organs that compose the physical body and allow it to function to house your consciousness for a life experience in this hologram, will eventually begin to break down as well. Because of the issue that has occurred in this reality field for many thousands of years, the physical body begins the process of going through what you call the death process as soon as it births from the mother's womb or you begin the process you consider death as soon as you birth on Earth.

At the same time that the internal and external environment issues continue to stress the components of the physical body, the process of continuing to draw higher and higher energy into your personal energetic structure creates more stress on the components of the physical body form. At around the age of 33, the physical body will reach a point when the constant stress it is submerged within becomes overwhelming on the components of the physical body and the organs begin to deteriorate at a faster rate. The energy coming into the physical body continues to increase in strength and builds up because it cannot flow through your system correctly and this begins the process of crushing the energetic structure that the physical body manifests upon. A structure that is made of light and sound, as all of creation is and expresses in the form of crystals.

This process occurs because the held lower thought patterns do not allow light to shine through them and this blocks off the flow of the energy of Source. The energetic system cannot continue to expand and house the higher energy that you continue to draw to yourself and this crushes the crystal structure. Once a critical mass of crushing has occurred, it will manifest in the physical body as things shutting down. This can create a myriad of things breaking down within the physical body and manifest any number of physical body issues such as heart attack, stroke or allow diseases to become stronger and begin the process of consuming the physical body.

The quantum of Source energy required for healing the physical body continually becomes depleted within the stored quantum the structure can house and when your consciousness has raised higher in energy than the physical body can support, that is the point in which you must remove your consciousness from the physical body vehicle. This is what you call death of the physical body. The physical body continues the process of decaying because the energy supply to keep it animated is no longer housed within it and the energy particles that it is composed of can no longer receive the required energy of Source to self heal. Even in the decaying process, the energy particles that compose the physical body simply change form but when a physical body is buried within the Earth body it adds to the toxic pollution of the reality field as the decaying process emits energetic gases that are destructive to the operation of the life field. The energy components that the physical body form are made of will eventually change into chemicals to merge with the Earth body and be recycled in the manifestation process.

The consciousness that housed the physical body form will be released from the physical form and continue to expand in energy holding capacity but only to the extent that the energetic body will allow because the core issues are held within the energetic structure that block off flows of Source energy and this means that the energetic structure of the consciousness can only hold as much of Source energy as the structure will allow for. This is why ascension from the Density 1 system that Earth resides within has not been possible for eons of time and why the life forms on planet Earth have experienced the process of physical body death for eons of time. This is also the process of "being trapped in time". The condition of the energetic structure will not allow the structure to continue to expand and hold open within itself the higher energy of the next Density level and therefore the life form cannot become aware of the thoughts held within those frequency bands and experience those thoughts as the manifest life experience.

The desire of Source to heal ItSelf is the desire to allow ALL of ItSelf to return to full At-One-Ment with ItSelf and the only way that can occur is for the individuated faces of itself to be able to expand to hold open within themselves the full quantum of the time matrix energy which is the same process of "re-merging" all of the expressions of themselves that are expressing within the time matrix structure back into the full quantum spark of Source energy that Source sent into the time matrix to heal and experience to begin with.

You are Source currently housed within an energetic structure that you call your physical body and you are doing so because as Source you desire to experience everything that you think and in this time matrix you are part of the larger mission of healing all that can be healed. Just like your physical body will co-create antibodies within itself to heal something like the flu, YOU are the antibody that Source created to assist healing the time matrix structure and all faces of Source held within it that desire healing. Wow! That thought can seem overwhelming if you are able to appreciate the breadth of it. But you do not have to allow it to seem overwhelming, that too is a personal choice.

You alone could not do it all by yourself and Source would never expect you to do it all by yourself. That is why Source has sent an uncountable number of Sparks of ItSelf into the time matrix to all carry the same program for self healing. That is why you desire to heal yourself because you are created by Source with the desire to heal yourself. That is your "core mission" of being within this time matrix. You have free will choice so you can choose not to bother with the process of self healing if you desire. Source allows that and never judges any part of ItSelf but you were originally created by Source to be part of the larger healing mission. So, if you look toward Source and feel you have been forgotten or cry out in anguish for all of the "imbalances" that your life experience will present then continue to ask Source to heal what is not working correctly, try to remember that Source has already heard those pleas of every face of ItSelf that does the same and sent YOU as the antidote to allow that desired healing to occur.

Art of Thought Awareness:

The first step in healing is becoming consciously aware that something needs to be healed. It is the desire that you hold an awareness of the mass amount of healing that this time matrix requires. You may be allowing yourself to feel over whelmed at this moment in becoming more aware of how mass the healing need is. The way to heal that feeling of overwhelm is to focus on each moment at hand instead of allowing yourself to focus on the full picture that requires healing. And your current moment of required focused healing is your Emotional / Physical body.

When you can remember that "you" are co-creating the issues that require healing and you are doing that as a result of the lower, compacted thoughts held within your Emotional Body as well as the fact that you are a face of Source that Source sent into the time matrix to act as the antibody to allow the required healing to occur, then it becomes much easier to realize that "nothing has been done to you". No one has forced the viruses upon you that requires healing. You as a face of Source chose to take them unto yourself because as a face of Source you know that the ONLY what to heal those things is to bring more of the pure energy of Source to them and bathe them within the energy of Source. You were specifically created by Source to hold a core energetic foundation that will "allow" you to turn on more of the energy of Source and increase the strength of the Bath in which to bathe the distortions and heal them.

Only by remembering that you are created by Source to allow you to do this process can you begin to regain confidence that you hold the ability to Self Heal. As long as you allow yourself to believe that you cannot self heal then you will not allow that healing to occur because your beliefs will co-create exactly what you choose to believe. As long as you choose to believe that you can only heal by seeking that desired healing from outside of yourself, from other faces of Source, then you will not be able to self heal because you do not believe it is possible. Such beliefs require you to continue to seek out others to tell you what to do and in the process of doing that you are giving your stored energy of Source to those things that exist outside of yourself. The stored energy of Source that is the only thing that can allow you to self heal and therefore you will continue to experience the reality of not being able to self heal because you are not allowing yourself the energy to allow that to occur within you.

Because you are co-creating your life experience and everything you will ever experience, inside or outside of yourself, it is a requirement in the desire to self heal to regain the ability of the Art of Thought Awareness. It will be next to impossible for you to regain this ability if you do not allow yourself to "slow down".

When you allow your life experience to be in a constant state of hurry up and rush, you are expending your current moment of stored Source energy faster. Your physical body is pushed faster and harder to try to keep up with your demands. Because your physical body is currently held within a system that is toxic, it is constantly working to co-create antibodies within itself to try to maintain balance for itself and therefore keep up with the demands you are constantly requiring of it to allow you to hurry and rush. Your physical body can never co-create deeper healing because it is in a constant state of trying to maintain simply working to some degree.

When you are in a constant state of rush and therefore stress on all levels of your density expression, the thoughts that move through you do so much faster. So fast that they move through and out of you and you are not even aware they are doing so and if you become aware in the moment, what occurred in the moment before and what will occur in the next moment. "Stop, Listen and Think" about your thoughts. You cannot allow yourself to do that if you are constantly hurrying.

Spontaneous Thought Manifestation:

You were created by Source to instantly manifest your thoughts. Just like Source instantly manifests simply by thinking. Source experiences everything that Source thinks as soon as Source thinks it BUT experiences it similar to the way that you experience the thoughts that you are having right now. All of Source is Conscious Energy and this means that all of Source thinks.

With the many dis-eases that currently exist in the Earth reality field, it is a very good thing that you do not currently manifest everything that you think. It is true that the thoughts you are currently experiencing as your manifest hologram are thoughts that were seeded there in what seems like your past by those who were in past time lines to seed those thoughts. And a lot of what you are experiencing in your current manifest hologram is a result of the distorted program that was inserted into Earths energetic body during the end of the Atlantian time cycle, which means that program was an intended creation of a program holding specific thought patterns that were set to shine forth during this current time cycle.

Your thoughts are a type of radiation that is higher in energy quantum than you can currently see with your known 5 senses and so what do you suppose occurs to allow you to see as your manifest hologram the thoughts that were seeded by others in a time line behind your current moment?

With every in breath and out breath you take you draw energy to yourself and that means that with every breath you take you expand in energy. As you expand in energy you hold more quantum of energy open within you. You will reach a point of expansion when your held open quantum of energy becomes higher than your current moment thoughts are in energy. As your consciousness expands to hold more energy, you will continue to see the thought patterns that exist directly below the level of energy in which your consciousness is stationed. So, you see as your manifest hologram the thoughts that were seeded by those behind your current moment because your current moment of held open energy is higher in energy than those thoughts. This will be an important truth to remember when you have healed enough to return your ability for spontaneous thought manifestation.

Just like for everything occurs within the manifest realms of space, time and matter, there is a very intricate process that allows thoughts to manifest within such systems but the process of those intricate pieces can occur instantly when you are able to run enough of the energy of Source through your energetic system. You will instantly become "hotter" than the current moment thoughts, when you are expanding in balance with Source and then you will experience those "cooler" thought patterns as your reality field. You do this now but because the amount of Source energy than can run through is limited within your energetic system, the process takes longer to occur because it takes you longer to become hotter than the current moment thoughts.

Earth and its life forms have been trapped within a lower energy spectrum for a very long time which controlled the rate of speed that Earth and its life forms could draw Source energy unto itself. The rate of speed that energy is drawn into a life form is dependent on the rate at which that life forms energy body can expand to hold more of Source energy. This applies to life forms on a planet but also to the planet and the larger energetic structures the planet exists within.

When the energetic structure is working correctly, then the rate of speed that a life form draws Source energy unto themselves quickens as they continue the process and expand their energetic system. The current issues or "black chunks of lower compacted thought patterns" that are currently trapped within your physical / emotional body and that of the planets physical / emotional body have kept you trapped in time for a very long time because you have not been able to increase the rate of speed you draw energy to yourself as you expand your energetic body. The chunks of coal block the energy of Source from the areas they are held and you reach a point of drawing more energy unto yourself when the physical body cannot hold any more. This is when things start to malfunction within the physical body and you must remove your consciousness from the physical body.

Because Earth and Its life forms have now received the "Gift" of the higher energetic shield from Source and therefore have access to more of Source energy, the planet and its life forms have once again began the process of increasing the rate at which they draw energy unto themselves as they expand their energetic system to hold more energy. As more healing occurs, the rate that you draw Source energy unto yourself will continue to increase in small increments.

Because of this wonderful fact, you now have the ability to reach more of Source energy to clear out those chunks of black, lower compacted thoughts held in your physical / emotional body. BUT, if you do not clear them out before they shine forth from you, then they will shine forth for you to experience as part of your manifest experience. They may manifest as physical, mental or emotional illness or they may manifest as thought patterns that "push" people to make choices that do not support the desire of co-creating "balance".

The distorted program that was put into Earths body and is therefore in your own body, will continue to shine forth as part of the reality field until the planet can reach a high enough level of healing to reset that program and heal it completely. This is why there will continue to run a dual reality field within the Earth hologram. Source would not simply remove the shield that holds that program from the Earth body and from your body as that would instantly force the Earth and all life forms into the bardo process.

Not all life forms on the planet can "wake up" and remember the truth until there is enough of Source energy able to flow through the planet to allow those life forms to do that. And this is why the need to allow all choices will allow a dual reality field to continue in the Earth hologram. Source always allows all choices, even when those choices create distortion and imbalance.

More energy of Source will allow more life forms the ability to experience "higher energetic thought patterns" and this means that those life forms will begin to create pockets of communities that are more balanced and peaceful to be a part of but there will continue to exist those who desire control and imbalance as well. This is yet another reason why it is so important to return to the "Art of Thought Awareness".

As more and more people continue to expand to hold open more of Source energy within themselves, it allows for the probability of people relocating themselves to places where they feel others are thinking like they are. This could also allow people to push away from those whom they may have had in their lives for a long time or at least to distance themselves from them. But it is not simply a matter of different thought patterns, beliefs and ideas, it is a matter of no longer feeling compatible because some are rising higher in energy than others might be at that time.

It could be a matter of loosing employment to open up an opportunity for you to relocate to another place in search of new employment. Such life changes can create a lot of stress, if you allow them to but when you can be aware of your own energy and that of the hologram you are experiencing then such life changes can always be viewed as a door opening to allow you to experience exactly what you desire to experience. All changes are exactly that.

Pay attention the next time you are out in public and simply allow yourself some time to sit and watch people for a bit. You may very well find that you will already see more instances of people actually looking at each other and maybe even smiling or perhaps assisting each other with a task at hand. If you do not see such, then you could always choose to began the process yourself.

Wholeness Sparking:

What allows you the experience of having aha moments or moments when things you previously did not understand or even know about something occur within you? Remember, thoughts are a type of radiation that is currently higher in quantum of energy than you perceive as your manifest hologram. Many people have called such "light bulb moments", when there seems to occur a light coming on within them and they can see things much clearer. If you have read previous things shared here then you should already know the answer to that question.

The answer is "Sparking" that occurs within yourself to turn on more of the coding you hold within your personal energetic body. What sparks that coding to turn on? Higher Source energy, of course!

As has been previously explained, there is no person or life form currently on planet Earth who holds an energetic body that is healed enough to allow them to hold open within themselves all of the "truth and knowledge" that is available to those of planet Earth. No one person can do that alone. This is a very important thing to remember as doing so can assist you to see more clearly the importance of the "whole" in your desire to heal.

Each person on planet Earth holds their very special "contract" to heal and shine forth their piece of the whole. And each piece holds more information, knowledge, understanding, love and allows for healing of the Whole to occur. Understanding this allows you the advantage to recognize the importance to pay attention to everything that crosses your path. Even if it is something that you do not find a compatibility with. Whatever it may be could not cross your path of awareness unless it is held within you and that other person is coming to your experience because you are drawing them to you to bring the piece they hold to "spark" that open within you.

It may be a piece that brings you a light bulb moment of greater understanding or it may be something that you desire to push away from and ignore. Ignoring would not be supportive in your desire to heal. Instead, recognize that they are mirroring something to you that you need to be aware of. You can thank them regardless of how it allows you to feel and then you can begin the process of healing it within yourself or you can expand into more understanding of something higher that you had been seeking the answer to.

This understanding becomes very important when you have healed to be able to instantly manifest your thoughts because in healed reality fields where such is possible, all life forms are aware of the thoughts of the whole at all times.

It is time to heal any brain washing you have experienced that may allow you to think you do not matter, that you are not important, that you are just one person and powerless to change anything. If you continue to believe such things, then that is what you will experience.

It does not matter if you are rich and famous or homeless and penniless. It only matters that you are cherished, loved beyond your current comprehension, face of Source and you carry with you your very special piece of the puzzle that will assist the whole to heal and return to balance with Source. YOU ARE important and you DO matter. Without you, Source would not be whole!

As people begin to heal the fears they carry within them, that are there as a result of the chunks of coal held in the physical / emotional body, they will once again begin to look at each other more and they will begin talking with their neighbors more and share thoughts and ideas that they hold. When we share our thoughts and ideas with each other, there is an instant sparking that occurs between those who are sharing. If you could see this process occurring with your physical eyes you would see what looks like arcs of energy going back and forth from those who are sharing. These arcs of energy create "sparks" and guess what, they turn on more of the coding that is currently dormant within yourself.

If you could see the sparks as the conversation unfolds, you would see something that looks like fireworks. And you may notice that "thoughts" run through your brain so quickly you can hardly wait to speak and share your ideas and then you may keep talking when another is talking. One may say, "oh, I see this and that means this" and another might say, "oh and that means this and look how that fits with that over there". Healing is a shared process of the whole and even though you will continue to encounter those who are not yet capable or interested in that process, that does not mean you should simply stop seeking others who are.

You desire to heal because you are Source embodied and Source desires to heal all of ItSelf. Your body can heal itself because you are Source embodied and Source heals all of ItSelf that desires to heal. It really is as simple as that. You cut your finger and your finger heals. Why does it heal? Oh yes, because the body heals your finger. Why does the body heal your finger? Because it is Source!

Day Dreams - Imagination - Pretending:

If you can "think it" then it exists somewhere and you have already experienced it. You have free will choice to choose what you desire to do or how you desire to act upon your thoughts so you hold the ability to co-create but it is impossible for you to think about or experience anything that is not already held as coding within your energetic system.

This means that the thoughts you have that you might call day dreams are indeed real, somewhere and you hold memory of them within you or you could not think them. This also means that once you "think" something, you have turned that stored data on within yourself.

The programmed thoughts that tell you to "get your head out of the clouds", "stop daydreaming", "focus on reality", etc. are part of the distorted program that does not want you to do such things least you might turn on more truth within yourself and that would make it harder to control you.

BUT, not all thoughts held within you are organic to you as some of them were put there from the distorted program. Those thoughts will desire you to always think lesser of yourself in some fashion or of others. Source does not create life forms to hold such thoughts. They are a result of not enough energy of Source being able to flow through the life form. Krystic life forms do not think or feel lesser for life forms that are ill, they simply recognize the illness that requires healing.

When you desire to set a goal or hold a dream of something higher to experience and you daydream about this experience, you are seeding thoughts into your now moment that are already taking place somewhere ahead of you in time. You are bringing "future thoughts" into your now moment and those who can retain focus of their "daydreams" are more apt at experiencing them sooner than later.

Perhaps you have chosen to turn on your Krystal Ring of Power and you have begun the process of rediscovering many magical and wonderful things within yourself. They are not "just daydreams" they are real and if you daydream of a place, it exists somewhere within the time matrix. Perhaps you are waiting for your personal communication line to open and may be thinking that this is just wishful thinking or a daydream. You can think that if you desire but if you can retain focus of your desired thought intention, continue to consciously connect with and communicate with Source, you will discover that experience much faster than if you do not.

It is the desire of assisting all who desire to remember how to heal themselves to rediscover their personal connection with Source and allow that to occur inside as that is the only way it can occur. In the process of offering assistance, there will continue to be thoughts to consider and allow you to spark more awake within yourself but it will not be a process of simply telling you what to do in each now moment as each face of Source must make their own self discoveries and Source allows each face of ItSelf to do just that. If you choose, you could very well find that you will have as many aha moments of understanding simply doing something like sitting and watching the plants and animals in nature as you might reading thousands of books. The answers you seek are all around and within you. You simply need to remember how to look at what is there to rediscover.

There are so many things you can co-create healing for yourself with through co-creating with your Krystal Ring of Power that a book might be in order to list many things you can do but it is the desire that you are already starting to co-create and remember some of these wonderful things for yourself.

Krystal Ring of Power and Physical Body Issues:

You may be dealing with a physical body issue that is making life challenging or painful or simply uncomfortable. It may be something that cannot currently be healed and may even be life threatening or it may be life's challenges that are creating stress and emotional imbalance.

Healing any issue is always dependent on the amount of Source energy that can flow through your system and some physical body issues are so severe that they will not be able to be healed during your life time. But, you can still begin the healing process now and you can do that with your Krystal Ring of Power.

1. Power Up your Central Vertical Pillar by sending your Mini Me or a spark of your consciousness into the God Space.

2. Take 3 Inhale breaths from the God Space and Exhale into your Krystal Ring of Power at your AzurA to charge your Krystal Ring of Power.

3. Inhale from the God Space into your Krystal Ring of Power and Exhale your Krystal Ring of Power to the area of the physical body where noticed discomfort exists. Exhale your Krystal Ring of Power into this area of your physical body.

4. Using the Inhale / Exhale breath, expand your Krystal Ring of Power from inside of your physical body to just outside your physical body. Imagine your Krystal Ring of Power is creating a second skin of energy, wrapping the area of discomfort as if wrapping a layer of thin plastic wrap around the body.

5. Mentally connect with your Krystal Ring of Power and ask it to turn on the specific energies for that part of your physical body to allow healing to occur.

6. Inhale a spark from the God Space and Exhale into your Krystal Ring of Power while imagining your thought for desired healing for that location.

7. You may become aware that your Krystal Ring of Power begins arcing different colors of pastel light as it follows your request to turn on the specific energy required to assist that location of your physical body.

8. Mentally ask your Krystal Ring of Power to replicate itself with the thought program for healing that area of your physical body, that you just set in place and that the replica of your Krystal Ring of Power remain in place until the issue is healed.

Be aware that the replica of your Krystal Ring of Power will remain there as long as is required. Healing the issue in that physical body location may not be possible in this life time if there is deeper things connected to it that require healing within the Emotional body but the replica of your Krystal Ring of Power will remain in that location to work on healing that issue until it is healed even if it needs to do so after a point when you have removed yourself from the physical body.

You can do the same or similar for any area of your anatomy. You can do the same for your entire physical body but keep in mind that you are limited in each session of co-creating personal healing by the amount of Source energy you hold available within yourself. By pinpointing specific body areas you are co-creating a specific pin point of focused energy and could do the same for other points of the body in another healing session.

If you choose to continue daily practice of spending at least 30 minutes expanding your awareness into the God Space, Inhaling into your Energetic Anatomy more of Source energy and if desired, communing with Source for whatever you desire, you will be able to expand your energetic body in faster increments to allow you to hold open more of Source energy within yourself.

The challenge many of the people of Earth are dealing with is they have not yet remembered the power of their thoughts and how much more powerful their thoughts become when they consciously connect with Source for desired co-creation of anything that is in alignment with Source. Source does not create distortion so Source will not assist you to co-create something like money but Source does create abundance, love, joy and healing for any face of ItSelf that desires.

Regaining trust in your ability to heal yourself will return as you allow yourself to remember daily of your connection with Source and regain your trust in Source. Being aware of energy conversation and what you are doing with your energy can assist you a large degree to co-create self healing.

When you become aware of an issue of illness within your physical body, that is a result of that distorted thought pattern turning on full force within your emotional body structure and running that stored thought pattern through your physical body to manifest and become aware to you that there is an issue within that requires your attention. Of course if you transmute and release such things before they shine forth, then you will not have to experience them at the physical body level.

Retaining awareness of the fact that your physical body is constantly trying to heal itself simply because it is Source and Source desires to heal ItSelf can assist you to regain memory of how powerful you really are. Source creates all of creation simply by thinking and you co-create everything you will ever experience in the exact same process.

The Miracle That You Are:

Allow yourself to contemplate for a moment all of the memories you hold open within yourself. You hold all of those memories open because they are packets of energy data that has opened within you as you have expanded to your now moment. When tomorrow comes, today will be a memory held open within you and it is held open because you expanded through the energy of yesterday and so the process continues.

If you do not know the answer you seek today, you simply have not yet expanded to open the data packet of information that is within you that holds the answer but the simple fact that you have opened the question implies you are working to open the answer as well. Awareness of things outside of yourself is healthy and a process of learning, healing, expanding and growing but only from within will you discover the ability to heal yourself. There is much to remember and experience and the process of doing so should be a Joyous Adventure but it cannot be if you do not allow it to be.

What currently seems to you as Life's Challenges are actually Life's Lessons and hardly anyone on the planet currently retains memory of how Joyous the adventure is intended to be. Life forms that have never incarnated in to the lower density levels of matter density, do not know what you know. They do not know pain or the feeling of pain. They do not know lack of anything or what it feels like to forget they are Source. Once you have released yourself from the Earth experience, you will be sought out by many who desire to know that you can share from your experiences. Things that now seem simple and perhaps hindering to you will be exactly what others desire to know and understand as much as you care to share.

All individuated faces of Source ARE Source experiencing ItSelf. That is how Source grows, learns, expands and heals all that requires healing by learning through the faces of ItSelf. Perhaps if you can retain memory of these facts, it will assist your journey of self rediscovery.

There are life forms on planet Earth that will not have the opportunity to remember all that you will during their current life time and yet many of those life forms are working their chosen path for self healing as well. This yet another example of the power and desire of Source to heal ItSelf.

Whatever you choose to believe as your truth in your life experience, if you can retain awareness of the fact that you ARE Source Embodied, that you are an amazing and very powerful face of Source which may currently be struggling to remember that truth then your desire to remember the truth will always lead you down a path that will allow that experience.

Have you ever allowed yourself to simply sit and watch the tiny creatures that share your hologram; the ants, bees, birds, butterflies? How can such tiny life forms possibly manage to accomplish the things they do and why don't they forget how to do those things? Why do they even think they can do those things to begin with? Perhaps it is because no one has ever told them they could not? Perhaps they have never allowed themselves to think they could not.

The ant for example, will try to move or carry something that is 3 times its size. Perhaps you have laughed at an ant for being so silly and ridiculous. Good thing the ant does not believe your thoughts or limitation. Perhaps he cannot accomplish the task at hand alone and soon you may notice other ants come along to assist. Failure is never a part of their experience but they know they can call for assistance with they need it. So can you!

More Sharing Soon ~ Source Blessings To All


 A Personal Sharing From Ascension Whispers:

The morning of October 5, 2012 I awoke with the Ascension Whispers Song of Intent playing in my head. The song; "Make All Our Dreams Come True". It was quite an unusual shock to me because it was as if there was a recording inside of my head that kept playing the song over and over. I sat and listened to it for at least fifteen minutes before it stopped and when it stopped, the song had reached its end point again.

Then "Vertical Guidance" (VG) said, "it is time, it is now time to get the information you have been given to a larger audience".

(AW) - "OK", says I. "And how am I supposed to do that, do you have any suggestions"?

(VG) - "Yes, you can use the internet and social networking".

(AW) - "OK, I can do a web blog but I don't know anything about social networking, how they work or how to set anything up. And who is going to want to listen to anything I hold to share anyway"?

(VG) - "You will be guided along your task and it does not matter who will listen to the message, those who desire and need to hear the message will hear it".

(AW) - "Well, I know part of the message but I am not really sure what is desired to be shared".

(VG) - "No worries, you will know exactly what is desired to be shared as you will be given it to type out as quickly as you can. This is the "most" Joyous Important Event that this planet has seen in millions of years and many desire to know of its importance and the wonderful gift the planet will receive so that "hope" for the Joyous Future will remain alive".

(AW) - Note here: The excitement coming with this message was one that felt like many children hustling about in excitement to be able to hurry up and open their Christmas gifts.

(AW) - "OK, I will do my best to get this started and make it happen. Do you have a suggestion for a domain name or do you want me to think of one"?

(VG) - Why don't you try Ascension Whispers. That seems to be fitting".

(AW) - After seeing if the domain name was available. "Well, Ascension Whispers is available but you already knew that, didn't you"?

(VG) - Laughing - "Yes, but you did not know that and so now you do".

And so the journey and adventure began. Trying to figure out how to set up social networking was most of the challenge. Reading help logs as quickly as I could and trying to understand how things occurred and then link them together. Quite a lot of help and support from friends made the process go much faster than it would have on my own.

No sooner were things in place and the information started to come in like a freight train. The wave of excitement that it flowed on would be enough to make anyone forget about sleep or eating and simply desire to ride the wave. Trying to figure out how to slow it down was another adventure and once that was accomplished, to some degree, hand writing and then typing for hours was underway. Discovery of the ease of slowing it down by writing it out long hand was a new adventure as well.

(AW) - "Why am I being given this information to share as I know there are many people around the planet who are also receiving this information"?

(VG) - "Because you can and because it is needed. Others will share in their locations as well and soon there will come a time when people all over the planet will begin sharing the messages they carry to assist the whole".

(AW) - I had no idea at that time what the desire for Ascension Whispers was and how much sharing would be desired. I simply started the process and continued to share as more guidance was offered that would assist the whole in some fashion. I had no idea how much guidance would be offered nor did I have any idea how much time it was going to take to manage the process.

(AW) - "I do not want to become another guru on planet. I do not want people to look to me for their answers because I do not have their answers. I desire to serve Source in any way I am capable of doing and to assist any face of myself in any means available to me to self heal but I do not want to become a guru".

(VG) - "You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. You have free will to do as you like at any given moment. You do not have to become a guru and in fact, you do not even have to state your name or your face. The assistance needed is only about the message and nothing more".

(AW) - As the messages continued to be given, it became very apparent that the desire was not only to share the message of the "Gift" the planet was going to receive from Source and what that meant but to assist anyone who desires to remember how to become aware of their personal connection to Source and regain their personal relationship with Source as well as their Higher Family of Consciousness in the desire to assist as many as possible to begin the process of remembering how to heal themselves.

As you can see from the vast amount of typed material that has been posted on this web site, that began as a web blog, the desire has been to share quite a lot of information. And still today, I am not sure how much more is desired to be share on Ascension Whispers or for how long. I simply listen and go through the process of paying attention when something is said to be for the whole.

There remains much excitement in the higher realms for the wonderful Gift from Source we have all received and the fact that we DO have the ability to heal ourselves once again. Every connection feels like stepping into a constant party of excitement.

I do know that all further guidance will remain focused on healing the Emotional / Physical Body as that is what must heal to a certain degree to allow any life form on planet Earth to release themselves from being trapped here and co-create balance in the Earth reality field. I just do not know what any further plans might be or if there are more plans of guidance in the process but it feels like there are.

At the moment, the desire is to assist learning how our physical body works and what it must do to continually support us for the life experience. I am told very few people on planet hold knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the workings of the physical body even though everyone on planet is walking around in one and that it is not understood, even in the scientific and medical communities, the severe effects that stress creates for the operation of the physical body. We can see very quickly the effects of stress on our material belongings, such as our car, but not what it does to our physical body which in fact is like a car for our consciousness and allows us to have a life experience in this reality field.

Our physical body (car) should not wear out and stop working but it does and has for eons of time and part of the process of healing that issue is understanding the many aspects of how we are swimming within a sea of stress, inside and outside of our physical bodies. The messages to follow are a result of many hours of shared messages that have simply unfolded as they have and been put together in some kind of linear sequence to allow more understanding to unfold.

The strong intention is for those who choose to allow their selves to be a conscious part of their healing process to gain more understanding on what stress has to do with our stored energy of Source and what that has to do with being able to heal any part of ourselves.

With that understanding, it seems to be the desire to share as much basic information as possible to understand the power of our thoughts and our personal energy and what we are actually co-creating as we go about our daily lives. Basic and possibly repetitive because it is known that each individual is "unique" in the way their brain will translate information. We would call that, "everyone learns differently".

Because I am not currently aware of the amount of sharing that will continue to be desired, I am never sure when it will be presented. But along those lines, I have been told that it is desired for those who choose to remember to "apply" instead of simply continue to integrate more information because without application, we are not going to make many larger steps forward any time soon.

I am also being told that many readers of Ascension Whispers are now beginning to receive their personal guidance and are becoming Self Sovereign in their healing process. That is indeed the desire of all Krystic life forms who may assist us to heal. Laughing to myself with that comment because I am being shown the image of a baby bird being pushed from the nest by the mother bird.

As guidance for the whole continues to be presented, Ascension Whispers will continue to share it with all who desire to know about it. It may be that it needs to be in the form or an EBook download or something. Not sure but it does feel very large in size. I have come to realize though that the feeling of being large in size fades after one expands to hold those energies open within themselves.

So, Beloved Reader, there is a rather large amount of messages being worked on at this moment and will be shared with you here very soon. Perhaps within the next week.

Many Blessings for our continued journey of healing.

Ascension Whispers



Krystal Ring Of Power – Emotional Body Healing & Beyond

Earth and its life forms have now shifted into alignment with the Ascension Return Path. Earth is no longer in alignment with any fallen life forms or fallen reality fields. Earth has entered a "new time cycle", a cycle of healing, The Cycle of the Kryst.

The cycle rate (rhythm) at which energy is drawn into Earth and its life forms has now increased slightly than it was before December 21, 2012 and is why many people are aware of the feeling of "Heightened Energy", even though the shift in time is slight in comparison to a full 45 degree shift.

There is a mass thought program held within the conscious field of Earth that allows people to "think" things should occur fast. This is why it feels like everyone and everything is in a constant hurry and running around all over the place and why thoughts like "fast food", "fast lane", "fast track", "faster than the speed of light or sound" are currently a part of the planetary mass thoughts.

Of course there are many factors that play into the "fast" thinking program such as making sure to be the one to get the last dollar, the one to get the best role, to always be first, at the head of the line and on top of everything and everyone else.

There are still areas of the planet which communities exist that slow the life experience down more than others and allow time to enjoy the life experience rather than constantly striving to get to the front of the line and in such communities the life expectancy of the population tends to be longer than in fast paced living communities. There are many reasons for this and Earth Scientists have discovered some of them. A major area is "stress" and the effects that stress has on the 3D physical body form.

Being in a state of hurry creates a mass amount of stress on the physical body form. Not such physical pressure stress, but stresses the entire chemical processes that occurs within the physical body. Stress effects the physical body's ability to heal itself and the time required to allow healing to occur as a result being over exerted. The medical community recognizes many things that stress does to the physical body and is why you will discover more medical facilitators including something like mediation in their treatment regime.

The individual stress level can be heightened by any personal experience in the daily life experience but very few are aware that the root cause of stress is a result of not being in control of ones personal energy system and therefore, the effects that the environment can have on the personal energy system. When a life form is in control of their personal energy system, then it does not matter what occurs in the environment of the hologram they find themselves immersed within because they are able to control the way the energy of the hologram and the energy that is constantly sent forth from other life forms sharing the hologram will have upon their personal energy system. This is what is meant by the thought of "Being In The World But Not Of The World". All life forms have free will to choose, do and act as they desire and therefore you do not have control or the right to control what any other life form chooses but you do have the right to control the way you allow yourself to be effected by what others around you choose. Understanding this truth is "Key" in healing the personal Emotional / Physical Body.

If you allow yourself to be in a constant state of stress then your physical / emotional and energetic system are in a constant state of stress. This not only shortens the life spam of the physical body but also allows you to constantly send your energy outward from yourself. Your energy of Source that you require to heal yourself. When you are constantly thinking about what others are doing or saying, when you are constantly thinking about monetary or material things you are constantly sending your energy into those things.

Through practice you have discovered that the physical body requires bed rest to heal from an illness and even the fast paced life style now demands that the physical body heal faster so you can continue to keep up with the fast paced life style. Do you allow yourself much time to think how wonderful it is that your physical body holds the ability to heal itself of many things? The colds and flu that you may get each year continue to wreck havoc on the physical body form and yet the physical body continues to "evolve" and generate antibodies to heal itself. Have you ever allowed yourself to stop and wonder why the physical body is able to do such a thing? What allows your physical body to create antibodies and generate healing for itself? Where does the ability to do such a thing come from within your physical body?

Are you able to recognize the truth in the statement that the energy of Source is the ONLY thing that can heal all things? That can sound like a pretty abstract statement to many. Many who may be dealing with physical body issues that are not able to be healed and create hardship on the daily life experience. Some may think that if the energy of Source is the only thing that can heal all things then why has Source overlooked me and allowed me to suffer like this. Understanding the answer to that question can only begin when we begin to remember our energetic structure, how it is connected to Source and what occurs to the physical body when it cannot receive enough of the energy of Source.

The physical body is able to self heal many things that it encounters daily but many of those things occur inside of you without any conscious knowledge they are occurring. The process of the physical body healing itself is a result of Source desiring to heal ALL of ItSelf that can and desires to be healed. A simple sneeze or a cough is a result of the physical body healing itself and is a result of the energy of Source that is able to flow through the physical body desiring to heal ItSelf.

If you truly desire to heal your Physical / Emotional Body then the first step in that process is remembering that Source is not away from you some where. Source is not waiting for you some where far off in space and hiding from you until you one day rediscover Source. Source is IN you now and always has been. YOU ARE Source! Your physical body holds the ability to self heal because you are Source. Until the Scientific Community of Earth heals to allow Source Consciousness to be a part of their studies, they will not rediscover this simple truth. And yet, the medical field will now include something like meditation in their treatments but they still have no idea why something like mediation will assist in healing disease in the physical body form other than the fact that it quiets and calms the physical body.

The ONLY reason your physical body does not instantly heal itself right now is because it does not believe such a thing is possible and the only reason it does not believe such a thing is possible is because it is not receiving enough of Source energy to allow it to know that it is possible. It receives enough Source energy to self create antibodies to heal a cold or the flu and many other viruses and germs that attack it daily but it cannot currently remember that it can heal any and all things that are not working correctly within it because the memory of that truth is held within the energy of Source that currently is not able to flow through your physical body. Your mental body can access that truth held within the energy of Source just fine and is why you are able to have thoughts that allow you to "think" yes, I should indeed be able to heal any part of myself but even as you think such a thought, if you pay attention, you will hear a small thought held in the background that says, "except for my physical body".

Within the history of the drama that has played out on the planet for eons of time lies the truth as to why the life forms of planet Earth lost the ability to self heal any and all things that require healing within their physical body. And even though that history covers eons of warring and fighting for Source energy, it is all now "history" for your reality and your time matrix. History that is important to know about and understand because doing so can assist you to understand more about your energetic structure and why organic things have stopped working as they were created by Source to work. Even so, you do not have to have conscious knowledge of all of the history that has allowed the issues to occur in order to heal the issues but it will assist you greatly to remember how to heal yourself is you can remember basic structures of your energetic anatomy.

That is why Ascension Whispers supports material offered through the Azurite Press web site. That information currently holds the largest body of information on the plant for individual energetic body anatomy. The history is nice to know but the information on the energetic body is imperative to know if you desire to be a conscious part of your personal healing. Ascension Whispers does support the material presented through 2009 of the information offered through Azurite Press for the Energetic Body Anatomy that is held within that body of information. But, there is always more to remember and discover as you allow yourself to heal and allow more of Source energy to flow through yourself.

If you had heart issues you would go to see someone who is trained in studies of the heart. You would not go to someone who is trained in the study of teeth issues to ask about your heart issues. You would not go to anyone in the medical field to ask about issues with not receiving communication from your Soul or not being able to Ascend. Well, you could but they would most likely think you needed to be directed to the psychiatric ward. And if you currently recognize that you hold such issues, which you do if you hold a desire to remember the "truth of creation and Source", then where are you suppose to go for help with those issues?

Because the masses cannot remember how healing occurs, why it occurs, and the means by which it occurs, they have currently lost awareness of the truth that it occurs through Source inside of themselves. And as more and more issues in the energetic body have occurred over time, more and more people look to those outside of themselves to figure out what to do about those issues. This is but one major way that the masses have continued to give their energy away to something outside of themselves for eons of time on planet Earth.

The diseases that currently plague planet Earth do so because those afflicted with the disease continue to co-create them and manifest them into the reality field. How and why would anyone desire to do such a thing? Think about the last time you had the flu. How terrible did you feel? Pretty bad for awhile. Did you have thoughts or say to others something like, my head is killing me, my throat is really sore, I feel exhausted, every part of my body aches. Those types of thoughts continue to co-create. Every thought co-creates and they group with like thoughts. How many people around the planet do you suppose encounters the flu every year and how many of those people have those same types of thoughts in the experience of the flu? Think of the mass amount of co-creating thoughts that are continually embedded into the reality field you call life on Earth each time a person encounters the flu.

The process of thoughts creating works, even if one does not remember how they work and they WILL create exactly what the desired thought is to experience. But, it will not do any good to deny such physical body issues either because denial is only pushing something away from you and that allows it to expand as well. The ONLY way to heal anything is to emerge it – surround it – encase it within the energy of Source. What do to about such thoughts when the truth is that your head hurts like crazy and it feels like it is killing you? You can shift what you are creating simply by shifting the way you "think" about it. Right now I am healing the flu, right now I am healing a painful headache, right now I am healing this aching body. You do not have the right to heal anyone but yourself and those who cannot yet remember the truth will continue to co-create things that will effect you in some fashion but how those things effect you or even if they do effect you, you have complete control over.

There are some things within this reality field that will not be able to be healed. Some things will not heal until enough of the masses awaken to the truth and the mass consciousness shifts to allow them to heal. If more of the people on the planet "believed" that something like the flu did not exist than those that believe it does exist, then there would be no more flu as part of the Earth reality field. This is an example of the importance of the "Whole" in healing.

Just like the body healing itself through an experience such as the flu, it requires time. Something like the flu or a cold have become so common in the Earth reality that it can even be predicted pretty accurately how long it will take the body to heal it. In comparison with the above understanding, how long will it take the mass consciousness field to heal the flu from the entire reality field. Ah, that depends on personal choice, does it not?

Source creates all of creation in balance to express in balance. When anything within creation becomes imbalanced, such as the physical body system, it is always a result of there not being enough of the energy of Source able to flow unto that system because it is the energy of Source that allows the system to remain in an Eternal State of Balanced Well Being and heal itself. This is why Source is eternally trying to heal anything within ItSelf that requires healing because the preference of Source is balance.

There are many diseases that are currently part of the Earth reality field that did not originate there but was "brought there and seeded" from other places within creation. Not only on planet Earth but in the time matrix Earth exists within. Why? Control, experimentation, to stress the entire system so it would become so weak it could not generate enough energy to heal itself. This is why there are things that are currently a part of the Earth reality system that will not be able to be healed completely until planet Earth is able to heal enough to allow the ascension process to occur and the same applies to the life forms on planet Earth because they will continue to receive those same diseases from planet Earth.

But, it is possible for the necessary healing to occur on planet Earth now that will allow the life forms and planet Earth to follow an ascension path and once that occurs, then the rest of the disease issues will quickly heal. It is now possible for such healing to occur because now there is more energy of Source available to allow for such and there will continue to accrete more energy of Source into the planets energetic body and therefore, into the life forms energetic body who are riding along with planet Earth. And the healing process begins with YOU!

Just like it takes time, bed rest and plenty of fluids for your physical body to heal itself from something like the flu, so too does it take time and assistance from Source energy to heal larger issues in the energetic body. And just like it would take more time to heal from the flu if you pushed your physical body to continue onward at a fast pace and create more stress, which it most likely would keep you from doing at least for a short time, it will require the time that is required to heal what can heal within the energetic body. But because there is now more of energy of Source available for you to support your healing desires, you now have the ability to turn on an amazing part of your energetic body that you have most likely long ago forgotten exists within you.

This Amazing part of your energetic body is called "The Krystal Ring Of Power".

Turning On Your Krystal Ring Of Power:

Every life form holds as part of their energetic structure a Krystal Ring Of Power. The Krystal Ring Of Power is your "personal control station" that exists inside of you. It allows you to do many things but some of those things will not turn on until you have co-created enough healing to allow them to turn on. One of the things you can do with your Krystal Ring Of Power now is facilitate stronger healing for your energetic body and therefore your Emotional / Physical Body. It will also allow you to facilitate healing for any DNA issues your energetic body currently holds which means it will allow you to turn on more of Source energy in your DNA Template. The Krystal Ring Of Power is "personal and individual" to every life from. That means that the healing you require is personal to YOU and you may not require the exact same prescription as another person so you are in complete control over your healing through co-creating healing with your Krystal Ring Of Power.

When turned on within the energetic structure, the "home location" of the Krystal Ring of Power is the point on the body just below the collarbone. This location is called the AzurA and that point is your connection point to the Pure Conscious Energy of Source.

Because there is now more of Source energy available to planet Earth and its life forms, the Krystal Ring of Power can now be turned on. The way to turn on your Krystal Ring of Power is quite simple. Simply expand yourself into the "God Space" (see this meditation) and "ask" Source to turn on your Krystal Ring Of Power. You may notice that it turns on as soon as you enter the God Space, even before you ask because your thought desire will proceed your request. When your Krystal Ring of Power turns on in the AzurA of your Mini Self you send into the God Space, it will automatically turn on in your physical body.

There is not a standard way your Krystal Ring of Power must look. That is because it is unique and individual to you and will look exactly how you think it should look. There are some standard characteristics that can be shared with you but you should never allow yourself to think if yours does not look just like this that something is wrong because it will look to you as you need it to look.

The Krystal Ring of Power is a ring shaped form similar to a metal washer or a doughnut. It is round with a hole in the center of it. Within the bed of the ring, between the outer and inner rim, it is lined with small crystals each holding their own pastel color associated with rainbow colors. Color is another aspect that cannot be accurately shared within the Earth reality field because every individual translates the energy of color differently even though the base colors are called the same by all. Each crystal shines light from it associated with the color it carries.

You will notice that there will be anywhere from 12 to 48 crystals around the ring of your Krystal Ring of Power. Each crystal corresponds to a frequency band of the time matrix, of which there are 48 and not just 12. Life forms who are created to hold the energetic coding of 12 DNA Strands would have 12 crystals in their Krystal Ring of Power. Life forms who are created to hold the energetic coding of 24 DNA Strands would have 24 crystals in their Krystal Ring of Power. Life forms who are created to hold the energetic coding of 48 DNA Strands would have 48 crystals in their Krystal Ring of Power. BUT if you only see 12 crystals that does not mean you only carry the 12 Strand DNA pattern, it could simply be that is all you are currently able to be aware of.

The bed of the Krystal Ring of Power is also made from crystal that is best described as an Opalescent Color. Kind of like Mother of Pearl and holds soft rainbow colors within it. When you step through the ring in the center of your Krystal Ring of Power you will discover something else wonderful which we will talk about in a bit.

Each crystal corresponds to a DNA Strand, a Chakra, a frequency band and every other part of your anatomy. This is another important reason why to integrate and remember specific parts of your anatomy.

The suggest first step in co-creating with your Krystal Ring of Power is to begin opening your personal Vertical Communication line to your multi-dimensional family of consciousness and Source. As that turns on, you will become more and more aware of receiving your "own" personal guidance, if you are not already. Many people around the planet have been receiving such guidance for a very long time but many more will now be able to open their personal communication line and receive such simply because there is now more of Source energy available. And those who already have open communication can make that even stronger now.

Opening Your Personal Communication Line:

The Home Location of your Krystal Ring of Power in your anatomy is the location of the AzurA but when you consciously connect with it and give desired thought instructions, it can be moved anywhere you want it to go and when you consciously connect with it, you may notice that every minute particle of your being also holds a tiny replica of your Krystal Ring of Power.

If you have not already activated your Personal Central Pillar, always do so when you co-create to work with Source energy. That will allow your session to be much stronger and anchored within your personal vertical connection to Source. If you have forgotten or have not yet visited, you will find instructions for activating your Personal Central Pillar in the mediation here.

See your Krystal Ring of Power at your AzurA. Inhale and use the inhale breath to grab onto our Krystal Ring of Power and then use an Exhale breath to push your Krystal Ring of Power up to sit on top of your head. It will be as if you are wearing it like a crown. As you sit the Krystal Ring of Power on top of your head, Inhale and Exhale gently until it fits the top of your head as if it were a crown.

Inhale a spark of Pure White Light from your AzurA and Exhale the spark of Pure White Light up into the God Space and then Inhale that Pure White Light back down to the top of your head and Exhale it into your entire head. You may notice a feeling of a burst of energy inside your head or you may notice something stronger that feels like a brain freeze from eating ice cream to quickly. This will only last a second, if you do. If you do not, that is just fine too. Give the thought request, "Please turn on my Vertical Communication Line Now".

This process begins opening the chakras located in the head that expand outward at many different angles. Some may notice some physical side effects as the chakras continue their opening process and the time it takes to open those chakras is individual and dependent on the personal energetic structure. Some physical side effects are headaches when the communication lines continues to open more and more to allow more energy to come in. Some might experience some light dizziness. You may notice times when the energy running into you feels like you might blow up at any moment but you will not. Your energetic system has a natural regulation that controls how much energy you can draw in at any given moment and when you have reached your full point in that moment, the process will stop until your energetic structure has expanded to allow more to come in.

You have "always" received communication through your multi-dimensional family of Consciousness. That is the "Social Network" that Source communicates to you through as the energy of Source steps down through each frequency of the time matrix to reach your awareness here. You may not have been consciously aware of the communication because you were not able to open the receivers in your energetic body to allow you to become aware of such. This process will begin the process of opening your receivers.

As your receivers continue their opening process, you may become aware of the scalp becoming tender to the touch. It may feel like the feeling of rubbing a wire brush across your arm when you move your hair around. That is OK if it does, massaging the scalp seems to allow some comfort.

You may also notice a feeling of having an energetic "bowl" sitting on top of you head. That too is OK as what you are actually feeling is the Krystal Ring of Power sitting on top of your head. But it may also make that part of your scalp tender to the touch and itch some. Sometimes it may feel like your skull is not big enough to house your brain. This is a part of the expansion of energy and pulling the hair outward a bit can offer some relief and allow a feeling of expanding the skull. You will most likely discover that your head loves it when you wash your hair so make it a "joyful moment" of relief as you expand to hold more of the energy of Source.

How will you receive your communication?

That is as individual as each face of Source is. The way that you will become aware of receiving communication may be different from one moment to the next. If you have not already experienced the ability of "Direct Cognition" then you may begin receiving via that method. Direct Cognition is becoming aware of thoughts and ideas flowing through your head, just like you currently have thoughts and idea, but in the process of receiving those thoughts and ideas from your higher levels of consciousness there is a "Heightened Energy" that flows through you. The thoughts may come so quickly that you can barely keep up with them. You may find yourself so amazed that you don't even have the thought to ask a question but simply sit and allow the thoughts to flow.

You may "Hear a voice speak to you" and if you do, when this occurs for the first time you may question if you are hearing things, did that really occur and it may make you question yourself all over the place. It DID occur! And when it occurs, it will occur again! It will be just like you are hearing someone speak to you through your ears. Just like when you listen to someone in body on Earth. The process is actually occurring from the inside out instead of the outside in, as compared to your physical ears and what you are used to.

What occurs is that the vibration of the energy coming into your chakra receivers travels to the "inner ear" of the physical body and the ear translates that vibration the same as it does when it translates the sounds you hear that occur in the hologram. That is why it will seem like there is indeed someone standing right next to you but a little bit above you and they are speaking to you.

You may receive in images that just appear on the inside of your head. This is very common and many will most likely begin to experience this as the body translates the "light" of the energy stream.

And you may receive in all of the above and other ways that are individual to you. All are correct and if you desire, when you feel comfortable to actually let someone else know you are hearing voices or receiving in some manner, then you will begin the process of sharing with the planet the pieces you receive that are to support the whole. Or you may desire to just keep it all to yourself. That is Divine as well!

To assist your process of strengthening your Vertical Communication Line, you can use sleep programming. When you are at the point where your body is totally relaxed and you are just about ready to fall off to sleep, say to yourself over and over again, "I will remember what I receive when I wake up".

Journals all over the place cannot be stressed enough. Keep one in every room and one at your bedside. One in the bathroom. When your communication begins, it will most likely come in like a freight train. The information will flow so quickly that you may find you have trouble keeping up with it let alone trying to write it down. If that occurs, "Ask" that it be "Slowed" down so you can translate it better. You hold the ability to regulate the speed at which you will receive. A helpful thing to keep with you is one of those voice mp3 recorders.

You may find that if you "hand write" what you receive instead of trying to keep up with it in typing, it will be much easier to control the flow. Hand writing it also allows the physical body to integrate the energy faster.

You can give the thought instruction that a replica of your Krystal Ring of Power remain on top of your head and it will do so and the main one will automatically return to its home position of the AzurA.

DNA Healing, Emotional Body Healing, Time Travel and Much More:

Once you have your personal communication line open and begin receiving your personal guidance, you will discover there are many other things that you can now co-create with your Krystal Ring of Power. One of them and the focus for the desired healing required most is Emotional Body Healing. The Krystal Ring of Power will also work with you for DNA Strand Healing. AND when you expand your Krystal Ring of Power around your physical body and step through the middle of the ring, you will notice that something that looks like a cup expands and is also made of the same Opalescent Crystal as the body of the rim. This is when your Krystal Ring of Power is turned on for Time Travel.

For now, explore, remember, have fun and laugh till it hurts. There is so much Excitement and Joy within the higher levels of creation about the level of healing you can now engage with that it is as if there is a party going on all the time.

Your Time IS NOW! So much to remember and so much fun to experience while doing so. No need to be rigid. Source loves to laugh and so you can even tell jokes if you want to.

Source Blessings To All

January 17, 2013

A Whole New World:

You might currently be unaware that when you look around what you see of planet Earth that you are looking at a whole new world. Each day brings the same responsibilities that each day in 2012 brought and the same repeated stories reported on news broadcasts around the planet. You might have awoke on December 22, 2012 and found yourself breathing a sigh of relief that the planet and all were still where you left them the night before, when you went to bed. Many around the planet, who held fears that the End Times were upon them, breathed a sigh of relief as well. Yet, many scratch their head and wonder what all of the fuss was about. Everything seems the same as it always has been. Count many blessings that is the reality we are all perceiving. A reality in which Source is still very much with us and still creating balance to hold it all together.

The truth of creation holds the truth of the way that Source creates all of creation. Source does not create anything through chaos. All of creation comes into expression via balance and structure. Just like you would first lay a foundation when building a house, so too is all of creation built upon a foundation and many layers built upon that foundation to allow for the uncountable reality fields that exist within creation, within Source.

Think about some of the process involved in building a house or a large building. There is movement of soil, digging, perhaps blasting something out of the way. Cutting, sawing, hammering, nailing, lifting and laying layer upon layer of material to reach the "envisioned thought" of the desired creation. Even the animals in nature will work in a structured way to build their home. If we desire to think about it for a bit, we can see that all of creation is built upon well planned structure. Even the process of birthing a new life form onto the planet occurs through a beautiful process of structure occurring within the mothers womb.

Most people on this planet currently have no awareness that the structure and balance they desire to experience in their daily lives is a result of the same structure and balance that is very much alive within them. If we allow ourselves to think thoughts that we may never have before, we might begin to realize that creation operates like a well oiled machine and it operates per a series of events that allow it to occur.

Earths scientists look into outer space and see things like stars or suns blowing up or even space bodies being pulled into a black hole. We look around our reality field and see destruction and chaos. These types of perceptual views may allow us to "think" that creation occurs via chaos. The Big Bang Theory seems to point to such. Some may think that Source must create via chaos and make things blow up and merge together and fall apart and be pulled in many different directions.

If we can allow ourselves to look at our reality field, all that we see around us, all that we see in outer space and what we see when we look in the mirror as Energy, then the reality of creation begins to become easier to imagine. Creation is Energy in Motion or Emotion. Nothing in creation is static. All of creation is eternally in motion, a well oiled machine if you want to think of it like that except the well oiled machine of creation is made of the "Conscious Energy of Source" and that means it "thinks". All of the particles that compose the planet Earth, all of the particles that compose your physical body are made of the Conscious Energy of Source and each tiny particle of creation "thinks".

Just like the organs that are inside of your physical body play their specific role to allow your physical body to operate and house your consciousness, so too does all of creation hold specific, intricate organs that allow it to operate and remain as it does but because nothing in creation is static, that means everything in creation is eternally changing, eternally evolving and morphing into something else.

Do we go about our daily lives and give much thought to all of the things that must occur within our physical body to allow us to be able to do that? Do we stop and think about what is occurring within our physical body to allow us to stand up and walk or reach out and touch someone's hand? We do not and why don't we? Because it simply works the way that it was created to work and we are a part of it and take for granted that our body will continue to work as it is suppose to until it starts to encounter internal issues that keep it from working correctly. Energy must flow through our physical body, through the intricate internal parts that make up our physical body. A very integrate process occurs within us every moment of our lives that allows us to have thoughts and feelings and interact with our reality and the others who are playing their role within it. We call this process "life" and every breath that we breathe allows "new life" to express through us and yet, how many are aware of that fact?

You have most likely seen images that try to show pure energy in some fashion. It may be images that look like lightening bolts or perhaps something that looks like smoke or fog and even though our brain may allow us some type of image that all of creation is energy in motion, is that what we see when we look out on our reality field? Do we see energy swirling and flowing everywhere we look or do we see things that seem solid, sturdy and strong to our perception?

Try for a moment to close your eyes and picture your reality. Picture your home, the chair you are sitting in, your physical body, the planet and everything on the planet as pure energy. Energy that flows similar to ocean waves or lava flowing from a volcano. Think of the images you have seen of the sun in our sky. Images that show it as a very hot mass of energy that is in a state of constant motion. Always swirling about and sending off flares and sparks of heated energy. That is what you are! That is what the entire planet is! That is what all of creation is! Energy in constant motion.

Keep thinking about the image you hold of our sun for a moment and that massive ball of heated swirling energy that the sun is. What could make that massive ball of energy more solid? What could allow all of that energy swirling around on the sun to stop moving as such, to stop the sun from throwing off massive flares of raw radiation power? How about "cold". What if the sun were thrown into what we think of as an ice age? Would not all of that heat of the sun cool and the sun turn into something that looked like an ice ball or a ball of crystal?

That is exactly what allows solid manifestation to occur. The amount of energy that is held within the foundation of the individual object, will determine the solidity of the object. When that energy cools, then it becomes more and more solid. In trying to see the cooling of the sun effect, think about the opposite effect. What if you could generate enough heat within your physical body to become as hot as the sun is? If you were as hot as the sun is expressing, then you could touch the sun and not get burnt. You could sit on the sun, just like you are sitting on planet Earth and not get burnt. The truth that the masses currently cannot remember is that every life form holds the internal ability to "self generate" more energy and become not only as hot as the sun but even hotter, even planet Earth.

There is much talk about "sparks of Source", "individuated Sparks of Source Energy" within creation. That is what all of creation is, individuated sparks of Source energy that exists within Source. Pure energy that eternally swirls, spins, and flows along to allow creation to occur and it all exists "within Source". The individual perception of hot verses cold depends on the individual energy level of the one doing the viewing. That is why if you could increase the energy of your physical body to the temperature of the sun, you could sit on the sun and not get burnt. If your hand was as hot as the camp fire, you could put your hand into the fire and not get burnt.

Source creates ALL of creation as "self generators of energy". This means that every individuated expression of Source, within Source (YOU) is created to be able to self generate the energy you require to exist as the individuated spark of Source expressing. As we expand upward in the energy scale of creation and hold more and more energy within us, we become hotter. We change into expressing as a different type of matter that from our point of view here would be hotter than what we perceive here but from that level of expression, would not seem hotter. Just like the process of energy cooling allows it to become more dense, the process of energy heating allows it to become less dense. Part of the process that allows the energy of Source to express as "different types or states of energy" occurs through the heating and cooling process, which is determined by the quantum of energy held within the structure of the individuated expression. It is very easy to see this in action when we think of ice cubes and what occurs if we put those on a fire. They melt and turn into steam and then seem to disappear from view. But they do not disappear, they simply change to a state of energy expression that we are no longer able to see. All of creation is made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it simply changes form!

If you desire to begin to understand why our planet is a "whole new planet" now, it is important to understand this truth of creation and the fact that all of creation is energy.

Just like your physical body holds internal organs that allow it to operate correctly, so too does the planet hold internal organs that allows it to operate correctly. Just like you are an energetic life form, so too is the planet an energetic life form. It too is made of the Conscious Energy of Source and it too "thinks". Being able to think does not require an organ such as the brain that is in our physical body. The brain in our physical body is a gear of our well oiled machine or our body that allows us to translate energy in this reality field and also serves as the control tower to give instructions to the physical body to maintain optimal operation. Each cell, each atom that your physical body is composed of thinks. That means that each cell and each atom that compose your physical body is a life form unto itself but all of the cells and atoms of your physical body group together to allow the full expression of your physical body to come into "matter form" in this reality field so that you can have a life experience here when you enter your currently invisible conscious energy into that matter form.

You are NOT your physical body. Your physical body is a "vehicle" or "wardrobe" that allows you to have a life experience in this reality field. In another reality field, your physical body expression would look much different than it does here, would be much hotter if viewed from this reality field and would be less dense. The manifest body form is shaped and determined by the energy of the reality field you enter your consciousness into to allow you to have an experience. This is but one reason why it is impossible for any life form that would exist in places like black holes to incarnate on this planet. The particles that compose their expression could not enter into the particles that make up this reality field as they spin in a reverse direction than the particles that compose this reality field spin.

This truth is being shared with you in simple terms to try to assist you to understand that all of creation is energy. That is necessary to begin to understand what occurred within the planet to allow it to become a whole new planet.

Just like you have organs inside of your body that allow it to function, you also have vast layers of anatomy that allow you to be an individual expression of Source. Each expression of yourself that exists in the time matrix has a specific anatomy that allows that expression to exist. But those layers of yourself are not outside of yourself here. They are "inside" of you and "around you". Layers and layers of anatomy that all work together just like a well oiled machine that allows YOU to be here and now. Just like when an organ in your physical body would encounter issues that kept it from working correctly or even force you to remove your consciousness from the physical body form, so too does the planets anatomy allow it to work correctly or create issues when it does not work correctly.

Many people but not a large quantity of the Earth population, are aware in some fashion of things called chakras. Most have no clue what they are really about but many have at least heard of them. But there are many other layers of anatomy of the energetic structure than simply chakras, just like there are many organs inside of your physical body. There are parts of your anatomy called "shields" and the planet has as part of its anatomy things called shields, all life forms do.

Planet Earth's anatomy has been under attack for eons of time. Not just because the life forms that are riding upon it continue to steal the planets organs. We could think of the planets lava as compared to the blood that runs through our physical body. Each element that we take from the planet is part of the planets internal organ system that allows it to exist and support the life that rides upon it. Because the truth of creation has been hidden from the masses of the planet for a very long time, very few on the planet are aware of these facts and because of greed and desires for personal comfort, the planet continues to be harvested of the life force that allows it to exist. But what the life forms on the planet do to the planet are small beans compared to what other life forms off the planet have done to it for eons of time.

Life forms off the planet who are considered sick and called fallen beings have managed to create and find ways to literally steal the energy that is suppose to come into the planet via the sun, to allow the planet to continue to live, breathe, express and support all life forms it carries and reroute that energy to their fallen systems. They have done this because they could not receive that energy into their fallen systems as the energetic structure cannot receive the energy from Source naturally.

The "shields" of a life form are programmed with data or packets of information and that stored data is stored there by Source when Source creates that individuated life form. That stored data gives the mathematical instructions to that expression of Source to allow for the thoughts that life form can have which in turn determines the original design that individuated life form is suppose to express as because all life forms co-create with the energy of Source what they will experience and express as via the "thoughts" that life form holds. This is because the thoughts the life form holds projects a picture onto an invisible screen, that is also part of the anatomy, called the Radial Body and that image is the "reality field" that the life forms will experience. Each individual expression of Source has a Radial Body. We are all able to experience our personal daily lives because that is what is reflecting from within us onto our personal Radial Body and we are all able to experience the same reality field because we are walking around within the Radial Body of the planet. Our thoughts are reflecting on to the Planetary Radial Body as well as our personal Radial Body and this is the reality that we call life on Earth.

During the Atlantis Time Cycle, fallen life forms inserted a "distorted program" into the Planets 2nd dimensional frequency band. The 2nd dimensional frequency band is what we currently see as solid, manifest and includes our physical body. If you recall from previous discussion, the 2nd dimensional frequency band is also the level of our Emotional Body. That is why our entire physical body IS our emotional body. So, the distorted program was inserted into the Emotional Body of the planet and since anyone who incarnates here for a life experience, must move their consciousness into a manifest physical body form, they automatically pick up that distorted program when they do. This distorted program was set to activate –turn on – shine forth during this current time cycle.

This distorted program is what holds the mathematical program to manifest the End Time Drama pattern. That means that the End Time Drama is something that was planned to occur by fallen life forms during the time cycle of Atlantis and that was an attempt to be able to take the entire planet for the energy it holds, into their black hole system. They were simply after the energy and anything else did not matter.

Because the fallen life forms had continued to steal the energy that the planet was suppose to receive for eons of time, they were able to gain control over the planet and its life forms and what was shining forth from the planet and its life forms to express as the reality field. Just like when you become tired or feel exhausted or drained the planet has been in such a state for eons of time because of not being able to receive enough energy. Because there has not been enough of Source energy available here, the stored data packets that Source originally put into the Shields could not turn on and could not shine forth to allow that Divine Program to shine forth onto the Radial Body and co-create the reality field that is coded to that Divine Program. A reality field that would offer balance, peace, harmony and abundance.

Instead of the Divine Program being able to turn on and shine forth, the distorted program that the fallen beings inserted continued to turn on and shine forth because of the reversed energy they continually pumped into the planets energetic body and the life forms on the planet that told this program to turn on. This is part of the reason that life forms on the planet fight and war with each other because their thoughts are being controlled through the personal anatomy by the distorted program that was put here and the Divine Thoughts that would allow them to wake up and remember the truth could not turn on.

Planets and the life forms on the planet evolve together. As the planet is able to hold more and more of the energy of Source so too can the life forms on the planet. But the energy of Source was being stolen from this planet for eons of time. Being able to access knowledge, information of creation, know that you are Source embodied, remember that you are an Energetic life form, being able to accomplish something like ascension, being able to regain organic abilities that you were created to have, not having to die the physical body form, being able to remain in balance, experience abundance, well being, happiness, joy, love, communication with your Higher Levels of Family Consciousness are ALL dependent on the amount of the energy of Source that you have access to and if that energy is being stolen from you, then those types of things cannot turn on within the Divine Coding of the Shields because there is not enough Source energy available to turn them on.

As previously stated, all of creation is in constant motion. All of creation is spinning and traveling along through what we call outer space. Nothing in creation is static. The amount of Source energy available to a life form will determine the direction they are spinning, the rate of speed they are spinning and what direction they are move toward. We might think of this as such; if you have a child's plastic play ball and you squirt it with water from a water bottle you will most likely just get the ball wet and not cause much movement of the ball. But if you spray it with a garden hose that is turned on full blast, you can not only roll the ball along but also move the direction it is rolling in. If you only had a spray bottle and someone else came along with a garden hose, then they could move your ball in a different direction than you might want it to go. They might move it into their yard and keep the ball for themselves. This is exactly what fallen life forms planned to do to the Earth in the "final show down battle for energy" of December 21, 2012 and why the long time story of an End Time Drama but it was an End Time. It was the End of a Time Cycle the drama was not suppose to be part of the end of that time cycle but was a program of desire by fallen life forms.

On December 21, 2012 Planet Earth received a "Gift" from Source. This gift was a Whole New Shield that was inserted into the current Shield of the planet. This Shield is programmed with the Divine Program of Source and will allow the planet to now continue to receive higher and higher energy form Source. If this gift had not occurred, then the End Time Drama most likely would have occurred at some point in time to this planet.

There are many intricate details of "why" this gift was able to be received. In order for a life form to be able to receive more higher energy from Source, the energy must first be able to flow to the life form but the energetic structure of the life form must be able to receive that energy. There are many factors involved that allowed the planet to be able to receive this New Shield from Source. Part of those factors involve Krystic Races called the Krystal River Host that continued to send energy into the planet via their connection to Source. This continued to hold the planet at a high enough energy level and draw in small quantities of Source energy but the reversed energy the fallen beings were sending in was stronger than what the planet could handle on its own. The Krystal River Host Races continued to send in more and more energy in an attempt to force the energy of the fallen races back to them and this "energy battle" met its path of no return in May 2012. The planet was able to be raised higher in energy than the fallen life forms could access. Energy that is higher than their fallen energetic systems would allow access to as compared to the sun being hotter than we are currently. The energy became to hot and to strong for them to continue to follow the path that the Earth had been shifted into.

On December 21, 2012 three Pillars of energy anchored into the planets energetic body. These 3 Pillars are called Reuche Pillars and the Reuche is the PURE Source Divine Program that all of creation is built upon, the foundation that allows the rest of creation to occur. The planet had already received Pillars 1 – 9 and the final 3 anchored on the planet so the planet now has all 12 Reuche Pillars activated. This allowed the planet to raise even higher in energy.

There exists in this time matrix, on the planet, life forms called Indigos. It is not possible to supply the vast amount of data about the Indigo Children in this sharing but you can find a vast amount of data on the Azurite Press website that will assist some understanding. There are 3 types of Indigo Children, none no more special than another or any other face of Source. There are Indigo Children that hold a Divine Energetic Body to allow them to activate 12 DNA strands which means 12 frequency bands of energy, there are some that hold the coding to be able to activate 24 DNA strands and some that hold the coding to 48 DNA strands. These life forms are simply faces of Source that Source creates to allow more energy to be held at specific levels of the time matrix. But there are many of all 3 types incarnate on planet Earth.

The Shield that is held in the planet that the distorted program was inserted into, could only hold so much energy and would not allow the return of Ascension and all other things dependent on Source energy to be available from within this reality field. Because the 24 and 48 DNA strand coded Indigos are on planet, they are coded to the "Higher Shield" the planet has now received. They served as "receivers" for this Higher Shield simply because they are on planet. This Higher Shield could be inserted into the Shield of the planet simply because of these factors.

The human form will not allow activation of more than 12 DNA strands and many Angelic Humans carry this coding but activation of all 12 strands will allow for ascension from the time matrix itself. Indigos that carry 24 or 48 strand coding will be able to activate those strands once they release themselves from the human form coding. But simply because the 24 and 48 strand coded Indigos are on planet, the Gift of the Higher Shield could be received unto the planet and support the planet and its life forms into the ability to continue to increase their energy levels.

Something of note here that has not been shared with the masses as of yet. The simple fact that there exist 48 strand life forms within a time matrix means there are 48 frequency bands of the time matrix and not just the 12 frequency bands that has been reported by others. All 48 frequency bands exist inside of what are called the Light and Sound Fields but there are also many smaller levels of Light and Sound Fields that exist within the time matrix. The frequency bands group together in "sets of 12" and work as a layering effect stacking one on top of the other.

The ability for healing, ascension, opening ones personal VERTICAL communication line to their multi-dimensional family of consciousness, abundance, well being, happiness, love, etc. are ALL dependent on the required amount of Source energy being available to a life form and the planet the life form is experiencing upon. The "Gift" from Source has now returned the potential to all life forms of Earth and Earth as well.

This is why the gird wars have ended. Planet Earth and its life forms have now risen higher in energy than the fallen beings can reach and it is no longer necessary for the life forms on Earth to be concerned about such drama but the history is always supportive in understanding as it can assist life forms as they remember how to make higher choices for their continued path of return.

The condition of the personal energetic system and how much energy of Source can be held and activated will always determine the path a life form will follow on their return journey to At-One-Ment with Source. All life forms on Earth now have the potential to heal their energetic system to follow a higher path of return which would offer much more pleasant experiences than a lower path and it is ALL about choices.

In order for the life forms of Earth to heal to experience the process of ascension, there is much healing required for the Emotional Body as that is the part of the anatomy here that is holding the distortion that is keeping the flows of energy blocked but the energy of Source is now available to allow the healing you desire. Your higher levels of consciousness are doing most of the work for you but they are counting on you doing your part as well.

Where will you ascend to? There is no black and white answer to that question. The path is always determined by the quantum of Source energy held in the life form. Some will be able to raise high enough in energy to leave the time matrix and return to At-One-Ment with Source if they desire, when this life time is over. Some will find themselves drawn into other reality systems and continue the process of healing and ascension. The place you will ascend to is always your personal choice and the choices you make now are already deciding that for you. You will always find a place to call home, those who love you and desire to assist with your healing. There exist an uncountable number of reality fields in this time matrix and you have already been to all of them and so no place will be foreign to you. You will always find those you know and remember.

There will soon be more information shared to assist with Emotional Body healing but you have already received many tools to continue to assist you with your Loving Joy Song and Loving Joy memory. You hold all of the tools you will ever need right inside of yourself and your Vertical Connection to Source will always lead you home.

Remember Always, YOU ARE Source embodied. Source is the ONLY thing that can heal all things and the Love of Source that flows through you is your ticket to healing and assisting others.


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